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Her name is Shavannah… The Redeemed

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here is a young lady I met from twitter who’s fire for Christ pulled me towards her light. Read her testimony and be blessed!
Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a Christian. I am 20 years old. I am a junior at a university. I live in Southern California. I love reading, learning, eating and loving.
When did you first fall in love with God?
I first fell in love with God during the summer of 2009. I went to a retreat for 3 days where I learned about God and how much He loves me and how Jesus died for me. How much he sacrificed for me. I began to understand the depth of His love for me.
In the beginning of your walk with Christ was it something you took seriously?
I did take it seriously. I knew I had to change. I grew up in the church but I never had a relationship with Christ until after the retreat, and after that, I became serious. Every day after that, I have been drawing closer and closer to Christ.
Were you always a part of the church community?
Yes, as mentioned above, I grew up in church. I participated in church events, activities, and organizations.
Is it hard being young and living by the word of Christ?
YES, very hard. In this world that we live in where sin and temptation is everywhere, it is difficult. I stay grounded by staying in the word and prayer. I ask God to strengthen my walk so I wont be conformed to this world but transformed within (Romans 12:2) It may be difficult but this walk is definitley worth it.
Tell us about a time you saw the Lord work a miracle in your life or someone else’s?
There is a woman in my church that had cancer. She went through treatments, got really sick, and through it all, the doctors saw no improvement. About a year later, the cancer completely went away! Despite what the doctors said, God had another plan. God has a plan for her life. God healed her so she could finish His work. This was truly a miracle and it inspires me. I know that God can and WILL heal!
For you, what is the best part of being a Christian?
The best part of being a Christian is experiencing Gods love. Knowing that I am loved unconditionally and no matter what I do, God is there, with open arms ready to pick me up everytime I fall. I have never experienced true love until I met Christ. Knowing Christ is amazing. I have a best friend that is ALWAYS there for me, cares for me, protects me, loves me. Experiencing so much love just inspires me to grow even more as a Christian and draw closer to God.
Why do you feel many young people are straying or avoiding the church? What do you think we can do to help?
I believe young people are straying away and avoiding the church because they dont want to be accountable to God. They are not ready for the responsibility that comes with Christian living. Living a Christian life isn't easy and I believe they are taking the "easy" way out. In the end, they will definitley reap the consequences. To help, older church members can try to mentor and teach the young people that are straying away how much Christ loves them. I believe that one on one talks will help. Also, fun Christian events will keep young people interested and wanting to know more about Christ.
What’s your favorite scripture?
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18! "Always be joyful. Pray continually and give thanks in ALL circumstances. That is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus."
Finish this sentence… Christ is like air. I cant breathe, can't live, can't function without Him!

Check her out on twitter:!/glorious_heart
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