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Independence Day

Monday, July 4, 2011

To my surprise Today is not only the day where America gained its independence but tis also the National Afro Day!
AFRO independence
After listening to Ria, one of the founders/facilitators of National Afro Day , I am learning that this day is dedicated to the unification of the fro for women all over. It is a symbol of how our hair grows naturally out of our heads.
Some people totally disregard this day because they don’t believe that there is a need to wear afro’s…although this was not the intended purpose… Ria continues to enforce the National day to push for unification. Its not another black power or clown look but the pride we have in our hair. Unfortunately Toni is in braids BUT next year I will definitely have it in free form so that I can participate…. unfortunately My Diana ross wig can’t fit over this either.

Other than that Happy Independence day!!!
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