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July Judgement #health

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lately I haven't been looking at myself in the mirror and im noticing that Im losing my good shape. Hopefully I don't come off as another conceited weight conscious female but guys... my hips don't lie...
Notice how I didn't say fat. Not gaining weight is not a bad thing. But in my eyes I loved the figure I had before. I am really letting myself go. Usually I would workout three times a week or so but now the only thing that has been working is my hunger and desire to eat all the time.. i mean ALL THE TIME.
I may have some people who bash me for what I am going to say but guys its time for a diet.
Now I don;t want to hear all that mumble jumble about how, you must love yourself and not care about what others think....
Well Duh, I don't but I do care about what my body thinks. That's right.. and right now my body thinks im lazy and needs to maintain my health.

For the next week I am taking baby steps. Those big drastic diets never work for me, and jumping into the big workout plans are a number sign fail for me as well. That's why I am creating a regimen for a week to see how I do. In some what of a behavior modification approach instead of flooding.

For now I only have a few rules.

  1. No eating HEAVY meals after 7:30pm--- My schedule is pretty hectic so I can't always eat a healthy portion for dinner so therefore a light meal like cereal might be implemented here.
  2. Water for 2 Meals--- I don't usually have a problem with drinking water but lately i haven't been drinking enough, not saying I am subbing it for juice, I am just saying that I need to drink more.
  3. Physical activity for 4 out of 7 days of the week. Now this can include a hour walk or even straight exercise. the time duration is solely up to me
  4. A fruit with at least one of the three meals--- Fruits are healthy Point blank
  5. Heavy carbs in the A.M---this way i am able to burn them off throughout the day and they wont just sit in my stomach
That's it! No one these are guaranteed to work but I do know that when I have taken this approach before my body has felt ten times better than it does now. Do notice how this is not an entire weight loss plan but more of an attempt to get "Healthy" again, with the hopes to drop a couple pounds and reshape my Bod-ay!

Wanna Join the week challenge! Jump on board and comment letting me know I am not alone in this journey!

The July judgement begins...
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