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July Judgment Week 1

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This weeks diary!
So far…so great!
I have been abiding by the rules and I definitely feel as if I am making progress. Below you can find a little overview on how I executed the plan I had here.

My Lows this week:
  • French Fries (Not that its bad its that I felt bad eating it lol
  • Overload on Cookies
  • Excessive dumplings
My Highs:
  • My water intake levels are great
My Exercises:
  • Tuesday: Hula Hoop for 20 minutes and Crunches
  • Wednesday: Nothing
  • Thursday: Dance Practice 2hrs
  • Friday: Nothing
  • Saturday: P90x 45 mins
  • Sunday: Nothing
  • Monday: Nothing
  • Tuesday: Hula Hoop exercises and abs
Total weight lost: Who knows… who’s counting lol   Smile with tongue out
My health level: 5/10

Yes I have more Lows than high.. but I am making progress which is what my goals are.
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