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Newly natural 101: Lesson 1

Friday, July 29, 2011

I thought to myself today about all of the trials I faced as I started my hair journey. Some of these trials consisted of product errors or even downfalls that were associated with my hair regimen.
Just like anyone else, there will always be blocks in our journeys but I think its time for me to put together a little series to help a fellow natural out. Almost like a starter kit.. or Naturals for Dummies (for lack of a better term).
Does this mean that this is geared to those of us who just did a big chop!
Not at all
Everyday of my hair journey constitutes as a new day because there are more barriers like the sun or obstacles I have to encounter like tangles. This meaning, anyone can enjoy the 101’s and ins and outs of this series!
Lesson one: Finding your purpose and making a plan
Going “natural” or being “natural” in my opinion is a life style. A life style that not only allows you to explore your hair but your inner being. One true wonder of life that people find most difficult to understand or grasp is purpose. Whether is be finding a purpose in your finances or finding purpose in life it self, it is sometimes hard to truly understand what our true meaning is.
So before you rush to go pick up the tangle teezer at your beauty supply store or even a steamer, stop and ask yourself, “What is my purpose for my hair?” With this question comes many other tag a longs like… what are my hair goals? Is my hair healthy the way it is?

Once you begin to question yourself, the questions you come up with should ultimately reveal the answers you need. Meaning that these specific questions you are asking the pertain to your hair would not come up if you didn’t have a concern for it.
Once you address your concerns analyze them and make a plan! There is no reason to sit around with hopes that things will magically appear before you. You have to get into action. You got the ingredients so make a recipe!
If your plan is to have healthier hair, what steps are you willing to take to achieve this goal? Now I don’t expect everyone to know scientific information on how to grow hair healthy, but simple plans that have “making a regimen” on a list is a step in the right direction.
Homework: Fold  a piece of paper in half. On one side right questions on what you think the purpose of your hair might be to you and your goals for it. On the other side input steps and a plan that will help you fulfill your purpose. Hang it on your mirror to remind yourself of these steps daily!

*Remember that a newly natural could be anyone! Everyday is a new opportunity to start over on your hair journey.
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