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Are we left out?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I may not always categorize myself into a group based on features or assets, but seriously, being a part of a natural hair community has got me thinking. Are we left out?

While I was at work a doctor approached me (who also has natural hair), and she asked if there is a place in my state where I purchase my hair products…. and then I began to think. there are not many shops out there who just specialize in hair products for natural hair. Now doing so may have its limitations, and its stigma on catering to just one group, making the natural hair community ostracize others.
But C’MON SON! It would be nice to have a store that we could go to just to have our hair questions answered or even to find out which products best help with out hair, as expressed by the Doctor. Yes this may be a controversial topic and I could very well answer for both sides but I just had to let it be known. So if there are any beautiful hair product creators out there that can help with this issue, please step out of your box and open up a store. There is nothing to lose… =) I would but I am not the greatest at conjuring hair concoctions.
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