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Finding comfort in yourself and personality through the assistance of God

Monday, August 8, 2011



By: guest blogger Jazmin Wilson

Okay so…sit down, pull up a chair, pop a squat, or relax on that sofa
because ladies we are about to have us a nice conversation. Tell me
something, how do you feel? When you wake up in the morning after
giving thanks to God, how do you feel about yourself? Are you
comfortable with who you are or do you confront the things that you
are not comfortable with?

Well, first let me say that you have to start your day off embracing
who you are.  Embrace everything about you.  Embrace you flaws,
imperfections, perfections, attitude, body, soul, and mind.  Now,
embracing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to accept them;
however you do need to be comfortable with them. Be comfortable enough
to know that you can still be you and be beautiful.

There‘s always going to be a time where you will sit back, reflect on
things and feel like you are lost.  But honey chil’e let me teellll
you.  You have to figure out who you want to be as a person and as a
woman.  Baby you need to realize that you (clearing my throat…yes you
honey) are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:14. See God
knew what he was doing when he made you and you are beautiful and
perfectly made in his eyes. Now it’s time for you to embrace that.

In Phil 4:10, Paul talks about being content.  Comfort and content go
hand in hand.  Paul says “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be
content.” Be satisfied with yourself and be content because everything
about you, God created and He knows you better than anybody. Don’t
worry about how other people will perceive you. You don’t have to live
your life for other people.  You live your life for yourself and for
pleasing God because he is the only person that you really need to
answer to.  People come and go honey…trust…there will be plenty of
people who will walk in and out of your life because they will not be
open to the type of person that you are.

Now, I can tell you that the one way that you can be comfortable with
yourself is to get acquainted with God first. Why? Because you then
learn to put all your hope, faith, desires, heartache, concerns, and
inconsistencies in God’s hands. God is never going to put more on you
than you can bare and let’s be honest….struggle is a part of our
lives.  Even Jesus himself had to struggle.

“For in Him, you will either find yourself or lose yourself”
-Marianne Williamson

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