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Newly Natural 101: Organization

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hopefully you all have had the chance to fulfill Lesson 1 and found the “homework” to be effective.

So now that you are geared up for purpose in your hair journey the next step is organization.

Organization is key in any process in life. It helps you to become more aware of your surroundings and on point. Whether you are organizing your finances or your shoes, it is a key factor in progressing to success.

You now need to be able to designate certain places for all of your hair care needs, You need to be able to store your hair care products and accessories. We can not forget our hair tools either.

Through my hair journey I have not purchased storage spaces for my products because I have used house hold items, but if you feel the need to buy a separate storage space for the items you are envisioning to purchase or already have in your possession then by all means go get it. Every purchase made needs a resting a place. You don’t want to be a product junky like myself (well an ex-product junky) and be stuck with wads of products you have to stuff under your bed. Trust me, at least 90 percent of newly naturals fall into product junkyism in their first few months because of their “trial stages” with products.

What I use?

For my hair accessories I have used a old card board box that was decorated with Tinkerbelle

For my hair tools I use an old Clorox bin

For products I use a huge and I mean huge tote bag and a crate

What will you use?


Start thinking of ways you will store your hair supplies. Once you have done that, organize the items you have already to start your organization habits in your journey.


*Remember: You don’t have to buy storage equipment, just know how and where you will store and organize to be effective in your journey.

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