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Bucket List

Friday, December 23, 2011

Life throws us curve balls sometimes and in this life we never know which way to dodge. So I have decided to create a bucket list for myself. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘bucket list’ is, then let me explain.  A bucket list contains a list of things that you desire to do or achieve before you “kick the bucket”, or die so to speak. Now most times people choose to create this list when they know they are on their way out but I think it shouldn’t be something we choose to do later on in life but why not when we have the chance.

So here is my Bucket list in no particular order. Some things I have achieved and note that the list is continuously growing.

1.    Meet Michael Jackson  Unfortunately this is no longer achievable 
2.    Record a Song
3.    Perform in front of a huge audience  2005
4.    Choreograph a dance with my Best Friend
5.    Meet Janet Jackson or a Jackson
6.    Wear a Lace Front wig  June 2011
7.    Wear a full wig
8.    Learn How to play the piano properly
9.    Write a song/ Rap
10  .Graduate from grad school with a Masters/Doctorates
11. Open up a business (other than Mary Kay)
12 Go to Europe and Africa
13 Get on a trampoline without harnesses
14 Sky dive…
15 Work for Diddy for a day
16 Meet Jesus
17 Fly in a Jet
18 Get hair or cosmetics license
19 Achieve waist length hair
20 Natural hair photoshoot
21 Start an official photo portfolio
22. Explore U.S
23. Lose 10 Pounds
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