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Essence gon learn today #naturalhair

Monday, December 19, 2011

For some reason I feel as if this is  what advertisers call  a viral advertising stunt by Essence, for the simple fact that Essences knows YouTube viewers and Natural hair gurus will prepare a rebuttal to their statements. With that being said, Congratulations Essences because low and behold I am one of the many millions who is yet again mentioning your magazine!
All I can say is that I grew up on YouTube meaning my journey would have been nothing without the wonderful ladies out there who contributed their time and experiences on their hair .
Below is a discussion video AfricanExport, whom by the way is the BEST, put together about the ordeal.

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  1. Wow Essence...hmmm but not surprising as they are probably losing money on sales of the magazine, thanks to many people turning to youtube to get advice and info. Clearly this is a fluff piece that is pretty obvious that Essence is threatened by the emerging popularity of the youtube videos.

    To quote them "'Be careful about the information you get from the internet. Alot of youtubers are speaking about their texture which may not be yours,says Martin' Instead join natural hair communities like those at and which are designed to help you learn your hair type and texture. A plus: you can connect with other women who are also transitioning."

    While it is true that you should be careful what info you get off the internet, you also have to be careful what info you receive in print and news media as well as there are very few non-bias sources. They have clients who are paying alot of money for them to advertise and promote their products, so they are going to write pieces to do just that, whether or not it is beneficial for you. Also the women I usually see in Essence are women who are in entertainment and have multiple stylists; how are they just like me? I can't afford to have people around me, weaving my hair, washing my hair, grooming my hair using expensive products etc. and alot of the models/celebs are not necessarily natural. Why shouldn't I consider the advice of someone who is going through a process that I find more relatable to me, and is documenting her ups and downs, that I can visually see. Does this mean that I would take every bit of every Youtube vloggers' advice? No. But just as I would do if I was reading Essence I take what is best for me. Besides I have heard alot of youtubers say "this is what works for me." The disclaimer is there that this exact information may not be right for you.

    The last part of that statement is the biggest laugh, "A plus: you can connect with other women who are also transitioning." That's exactly what women do at Youtube, many of them also actually have meet-ups as well. The information I get from Youtube (if I so choose to try) may or may not work for me. Likewise with Essence; same thing. People for centuries have been sharing information and recipes amongst their community before formal schools (whether beauty or otherwise) were introduced this is one of the ways knowledge has been imparted. Get over it Essence.

  2. @wasaski this was very insightful and true!


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