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Sunday, January 1, 2012

There were a few items back in 2011 that I could just not leave in the past. These items I guess can be put in my “holy grail”. Well no so much… because there are other items that should be added to this list but I must say, that these items will be helping me bring in the New year with more than a bang but a BOOM BANG BAY BAY!!! lol
1. Giovanni Direct Leave-In
This stuff is like crack to the crack heads… I believe the ingredient that makes this leave worthwhile is the aloe vera. It restores my hair balance and seals in the moisture. This is great for my after washes because the slippage it gives is unimaginable

2. Wide tooth
This bad boy de-tangler got me through a lot of nappy times. I found this in a BSS and use it when I detangle when my tangle teaser pisses me off. Although it takes longer to detangle section the wide teeth is however helpful in the endeavor. Not to mention it has a handle!
3. Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar
I El oh Vee Ehh this bar! Guys I have never experienced a shampoo that I have fell in love with but this is the best hands down. When I use this its like conditioner doesn’t even exists because it both conditions and cleans all at once. This bad boy lathers so fast and that’s a part of the reason why Anita Grant’s shampoo bar is the love of my life.
4.Back combs
Well well well… hair pins do just as well but this clear comb makes styles have a little bit more edge. They are quick and easy to use and harder to lose because my pins go in a blink of an eye.

5. Misses Jessies Curling pudding
First and foremost, Misses Jessies lower your gosh darn prices please! Anyway now that that’s off my chest, this is one of the only products that I have found that stretches my hair while it is still styled wet. Mind you it has cones that my hair doesn’t typically like but when used sparingly Toni loves this stuff. I will surely keep this styling agent for my future twist out and coil outs =)
Out with the old and in with the new? Not this time!
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