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Is The Key To A Happy Relationship Letting Your Husband Cheat?

Friday, January 13, 2012

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No. But others seem to disagree. Dr. Eric Anderson author of Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating seems to believe otherwise. In an interview with the Huffinton Post, Anderson shares his thoughts on men and monogamy. Anderson believes that monogamy isn’t natural for most people and that this is especially true for men.
According to Dr. Anderson, men need “recreational sex”. In other words, aside from sleeping with their wife, they need a little action on the side. “Cheating, however, serves men pretty well.”, says
Dr. Anderson
Eric, (I’m finished with calling him a doctor at this point). “An undiscovered affair allows them to keep their relationship and emotional intimacy, and even if they’re busted it’s a lot easier than admitting that they wanted to screw someone else in the first place.”
Wait, it gets worse:
“The reason men lie about cheating is mostly because they know that if they ask for permission to have recreational sex: 1) they will be denied 2) after they are denied, they will be subject to scrutiny and increased relationship policing; 3) they will be stigmatized as immoral, and most likely broken up with. Thus, honesty doesn’t meet their desires of having both a long-term partner and recreational sex with others.

The way cheating men see it, it’s either cheat or don’t cheat, but telling their partners they want sex outside the relationship, or telling their partners that they actually cheated, is viewed as a surefire way of achieving relationship termination. When men cheat for recreational sex — not affairs — they DO love their partners. If they didn’t, they would break up with them.”
There is a notion that suggests that men have a more difficult time with temptation and cheating because they are more sensitive to visual stimulation than woman are. While I agree with this, the remedy to it is not cheating. Before you start believing the hype and/or distrusting ALL men, or entertaining the idea of allowing your significant other to step outside of your relationship, let me break it down for you. Man or woman; there is always temptation. However, maturity, love, and commitment will help you steer clear of it all. Thinking with you “man-parts” or “lady-parts” will drive you directly to it. Great, monogamous relationships DO exist. In my humble opinion, “Dr. Anderson” and his bogus theory can kick rocks.

My take:
The Devil is a LIAR--- #that’s all lol

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