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A Self-less Act

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

“…pray for those who spitefully use you…” {Matthew 5:44}  Lately I really put some thought into this part of this verse.  Let me try and break-down what’s been going through my mind concerning this passage of scripture.
First of, Christ here is instructing us, his followers, to pray.  It’s a definitive command.  It did not say to pray and then handle it by talking to the person, letting them know how you feel or clearing your chest.  Christ simply instructs us to pray, and pray only.
Moreover, Christ is instructing us to pray FOR those who commit this act against us.  How hard is it for us to pray for others; much more a person who wrongs us?  Sure it’s easy to pray that God blesses those who have been good to us.  But here, the Lord is instructing us to pray for those who wronged us.  We are also not instructed to pray for ourselves.  It’s a self-LESS act in the sense that “self” is completely taken out of the picture.  This verse is totally taking the focus off the victim.  It’s not about your hurt..Christ will take care of that.  It’s about the other person.  Christ is instructing us to do a completely self-less act for a completely selfish person.

Furthermore, how much more does this let us know that Christ “has our back.”  If He instructs us to look out for the well-fare of others (those who have hurt us), then he’s looking out for our well-fare in return.  From experience, I can rightly say that once you take yourself out the picture, and honestly pray for the individual that has wronged you, the Lord will fill you with a peace that is unexplainable, and quite frankly, inappropriate {lol}.  I sometimes find myself saying, “Lord!  I’m supposed to be mad and  upset and bitter right now!  but all I’m feeling is compassion for the person, love, understanding, and an honest hope that this person has a heart change and is able to bring you glory through their actions.”
Jesus is instructing us to do this for those people who have SPITEFULLY used us.  When someone spitefully uses you, it means they had every wrong intention in mind.  Even though they were wrong in every way by taking advantage of you, God wants us to pray for them.   Not talk about them…get upset…give them a piece of our minds…ignore them…push them away….never do a favor for them again….get back at them…provoke them…shun them…etc.  We should only pray.
If only we lived by the word….

Guest Blogger: Lady Prayz
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  1. Thank you very much Lady Prayz, i truly needed this.


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