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Shadeism…we are back at it @_lexilove

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I few weeks ago I was at a dinner with a good friend of mine, Lexi, celebrating a birthday. One of the conversation topics that arose was the topic of light skin vs dark skin. We had a few different perspectives and opinions that stroke up good debates and insights. With that being said, I stumbled upon one of my Youtube subscribers videos’ that happened to discuss the same topic. Well…I of course took the initiative to share the video with Lexi for the simple fact that he was a bit obtrude in his proposal of his opinions.
Here was Lexi’s response:

“I agree and disagree with this man. First, we cannot be ignorant to the fact the shade prejudice exists. It is real and it is a fact. At the same time, I agree that dark skinned women with natural hair, etc need to stop lamenting over the fact that no one wants them. At the same time the women celebrating #teamdarkskin or #teamlightskin needs to stop too. What are you proving being #teamdarkskin or #teamredbone. I hate that. I hate it with a deep burning passion!
But like the man said, it's all about preferences. I go out with my friends who are lighter and darker than me. I've went out and guys have gone for my darker skinned friend. Then I go out with my lighter skinned friend and the guys seem to be going for her. Or sometimes a guy meets both me and my light skinned friend and don't know who the hell to choose. Then I've had times where we both meet a guy and he starts talking to us both in a casual conversation and realizes he likes one personality over the other.
Although, I know that shadism exists I wish that women would look beyond that even if men won't. Let's stop subjecting ourselves to negativity. At the same time I wish I could tell girls that the light skin/dark skin debate is irrelevant because any educated man worth having you won't care about a woman's skin color. It's the young and/or ignorant fueling this debate. And I agree with this man let the topic rest. Be you and be confident. Confidence is beautiful and best yet...confidence has no shade.
Stop fueling the effing ignorance! And that goes to all those supposedly self-righteous naturals, weave wearers, lighter skinned and darker toned women.”

I totally agree with Lexi 100%…what are your thoughts? View his video below

If you like Lexi’s thoughts and view points follow her on twitter here!!! Trust me she is a good follow.
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  1. being as though i do add to the problem (in a very small way lol) i feel i should add an opinion here. i myself am a lighter skinned black man and i honestly feel that the color of a persons skin is insignificant in the larger scheme of things. i wont lie, i tend to make somewhat ignorant comments about a preference, but at the end of the day it goes beyond how light or dark skinned a person is. if someone would choose to discriminate against you because of that characteristic, then you should count yourself lucky that you are not involved with them. furthermore, it gets annoying when any shade of women speak about the ways in which they are being discriminated against when they do the same thing back to black men. i often times here women (friends and otherwise) have discussions about wanting a chocolate man or how light skinned is out, and things of the like. yet at the same time you all show insecurities when the same is done back to you...i think there is a word for but in all seriousness, if someone loves you then the color of your skin in insignificant in the big picture. qualifications like that go out the window and are replaced by personality, intellect, and beauty (blind of color)

    1. I agree with you...sometimes people cant eat what they serve themselves. But we do live in a society where everyone believes their opinion dominates all.

    2. I agree with Anon. People tend to gloss over the fact that it is not just one side being discriminated against. The blatant prejudice exists in our community. That's why I feel it is best to focus on ourselves and not necessarily the opinions on others. And at the same time realize our comments my affect someone negatively.


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