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Tales From the Kinks: Alexi Edition @lexi_mua

Monday, February 27, 2012



Hey , I'm Alexandria Marie born and raised by Jamaicans in the Bronx!  I now reside in the 757 of VA. I'm a Makeup Artist and all around Entrepreneur, I pretty much do it all from being a manager to doing hair and owning an online vintage shop! 

When and why did you decide to get rid of the creamy crack?

I first went natural in the summer of 2010, I had amazing growth but when I got to the longer stages I hated detangling so I did a second big chop.  I also got tired of that and then relaxed my hair again [I know shame on me]. I definitely regretted it! But here I am natural again.

What was your support system like after you made your decision to go natural?

I really did not have anyone that was supportive. But after I cut my hair everyone liked it my mom even asked me if I got a texturizer. My little sister went outside to look in the driveway to see if the rest of my hair was out there. I did not tell anyone I was cutting my hair lol.

It is true that we are not our hair, or anyone else's, but do you have any Natural Hair crushes?

My natural hair crushes would have to be Corinne Bailey Rae and MsDanti1 on youtube!

What are your inspirations in life and for your hair?

My inspiration for life is to just grab it by it's horns and make the best of it while doing what makes me happy. For my hair is to have an amazingly large Afro !


When you are going through your daily regimen what products do you reach for first and why?

Coconut oil it is the only oil to penetrate the hair shaft and it feels amazing in my hair!

What is your go to style?

I am a HUGE fan of WnG [Wash n Go's] It's just so easy and carefree. I hate doing my hair but I will take care of it!

What is the most important thing you have learned on your natural hair journey?

I learned that being natural is a commitment and you have to be dedicated. Weekly styling and product buying the bigger the fro the more product is used. But I do know that I prefer natural over relaxed and I love my curls.

Where can we find you on the net?

Follow my blogs I do makeup and hair stuff there

Youtube: thealexmarieTV

Tumblr: be sure to submit your fashion and hair pics!

I haven't launched my online store yet but stay in touch it's coming very soon!

TWITTER: @lexi_mua

Any advice for your fellow natural sisters?

Do not give up! Deep Condition once a week at the least , every time you shampoo or wash deep condition! Trim your ends monthly. STAY AWAY FROM RELAXERS. When you want to give up get a protective style.

Thank you!

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