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Toned Tuesday’s: Madame Noire’s The Non-Diet tips that change your weight game

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Via Madame Noire
We all know the golden components to losing weight: diet and exercise. For those without drastic weight loss goals, losing weight can simply be a matter of integrating some simple practices into your daily routine. Check out these simple strategies and see if they don’t make a difference.
Eat Regularly
You’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping meals. You may be saving yourself some calories in the short term, but in the long term, you’re messing with your metabolism. And as we know, metabolism is key to burning calories. So make sure you don’t skip meals and snack on healthy items when you need to. Some experts recommend eating as much as six small meals per day.
Snack on Fatty Foods
Although you already know that celery is better for your calorie-wise than a peanut-butter sandwich, peanut butter may in fact fill you up longer so that you’d avoid being hungry sooner. Other great snack choices include hummus, cheese, and almonds,  which are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids.
Drink Water With Lemon
Drinking lots of water, and cutting down on the calorie-whopping power of sodas and other sweet beverages, is essential to losing and maintaining weight. Did you know that adding lemon to your water can rev up your metabolism? Apparently, lemon helps to detoxify your live and metabolize fat according to fitness expert Jackie Warner.
Load Up on Proteins
The Atkins Diet certainly affirmed the idea of little to no carbs into our dieting belief system as a nation. Although you do need carbs for energy, you don’t need two plates of pasta at lunch and dinner to get that energy. Instead, when you can, opt for proteins like meats and black beans which keep you full and happy.
Portion Control
Many of us are not mindful when eating – we just eat what we think we should be eating instead of paying attention to our appetite. If you’re out at dinner, make a point to get your food bagged up once you’ve reached your “full” point so you won’t linger over your plate. If you’re at home, either be mindful about the amount of food you put on your plate or use a smaller plate. If you’re still hungry, you can always get another serving but at least you know you’re eating because you want to, not because it’s just there.
Mind Your Cocktails
We’re not expecting you to cut out drinking completely but just know that all those pretty cocktails pack on the calories. When ordering, go for the simple concoctions. Watch out for drinks that include simple syrup, sugar or sweet juices. Sometimes, just the need to have something in our hands encourages us to keep drinking throughout the night. Make sure you pace yourself and order glasses of water, which will occupy your hands and control your calorie intake
Replace Coffee With Green Tea
One of the health effects of green tea involves its ability to raise metabolic rates. It is said to have “thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation.” Now, obviously green tea is not a miracle worker (if it was, our problems would be solved, right?) but considering that it has a more positive effect on one’s diet is enough to kick coffee to the curb.
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