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Monday, July 23, 2012

About a month ago I was contacted by to do a review on their merchandise. Out of the vast selections of advertisement materials they carry I choose to try out their business cards. Although they supply companies and personal users with advertisements tools such as bumper stickers, license plates, magnets etc, their main focuses are banners and signs.
When I first decided to take on the opportunity to help gain notability within the online world I initially was overwhelmed, in a good way, at the amount of sources they offered to aide in the success of advertising.
Not only did they have a good selection they also had easy accessibility and structure on the site. Though it is not a fancy high scripted site it is easy to find everything you could possibly need. Simplicity is sometimes best in situations as these.
In producing the business cards I was given the option of either having the cards face glossy or matte. Me being the glizty gal I am, I chose the gloss. There are plenty of designs to select from ranging from fancy to simple. There was also an option where you could "start from scratch" to design your very own. And again, me being the creative person I am, I went with the latter.
In the start from scratch mode there are still templates/designs and guides that can assist you in your original making. I would have to say the best part of the start from scratch mode is the upload feature. Though there is a size limitation, being capable to include your photo or outside creation gives your business card more originality.

In creating my design I did run into a few kinks. At first I started to create my business card using the browser google chrome. It ran fine until I had to resize images. Boy oh boy I literally spent two hours trying to work with the stunts in the  creator. I finally decided to switch browsers to Firefox and it ran smooth as a baby's bottom. If I had known from the beginning that the program was most compatible with Firefox I would have been a happy camper but the lack of disclaimer made me a little perturbed. Now granted I could have missed that notification however with something as big as that I would have loved that to be in big writing.

Now the rates blew me away! For my set of hundred glossy cards they were priced on the site for only 17.99! Now I may not know anything about business cards but that sounds like a good deal. The matte cards were priced at 14.99 for 100  with a respectable increase  in price with card quantity.
In my overall opinion I would definitely recommend this site for those who have either an online business to promote or relatively small business.  The reason being...I haven't found an option to make the cards two sided which would seem more professional and reputable for larger business. is also partners with another site where paintings/canvases and home interior can be purchased which I urge you to check out custom canvas prints.

The big question...Will I ever use this site again?? Oh yes I will!!

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