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“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

Artist of the week: Tiffany

Sunday, August 19, 2012



I have seen the winds that have turned into rain and the two together made a storm,but still I've seen the sun shine after
I've been hated on and still have turned around and still I've fought that very same person even harder with love
I have almost given up I'm sure you know what I mean when after you've done all you think you can you still try and it still doesn't seem to work still I carry on
I have loved and have never received the same or at least to that same extent,he'd liked me enough to have sex with me but he didn't love me enough to stay but still I love as hard as I can in hopes one day someone will do the same
Still I because I can,still I because I must,still I because I will

Miss Tiffany hasn’t written a poem in over 4 years but she decided to share her thoughts with us!

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