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Secret Styling Hair Review Part 1

Monday, November 5, 2012

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I was contacted through my business page about a new emerging hair care line named “Secret Styling”. Walter Smith, a representative I am assuming, reassured me that the products he was sending me could be used for natural and relaxed hair because I was a bit uneasy about the product line. After browsing through the online site, I realized that they have three different product types. One for “Straight look for Women”, “Texturized and Natural Styles” and “Braids, Twist and Creative Styles".”

Upon receiving the package, I was a bit astonished by the amount of products the company sent. The sample product sizes and names are listed below.

Because I have been protective styling my hair, I tried the first few products on my Indian Remy 14inch full lace wig. I saw this as acceptable because this was actual human hair and it definitely tangled and became “nappy” as if it were my real hair.

Secret Styling Hair Shinning Mist Spray Product 1

This was the first product that I tested and all I can say is WOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! I expected the product to be greasy and sticky but it was the exact opposite. The product sprayed on dry and still left a lustrous sheen to the hair that last throughout the day. Even after numerous applications for that week my hair did not become agitate by the sheen.


My apartment mate was even impressed and used it herself!


The smell was not to strong. Though I can not really describe the smell, it did have a a pleasant light floral scent.

I would most definitely add this to my regimen if I ever needed a sheen to my hair.

Premium Keratin Conditioning Shampoo  Product 3

I proceeded down the line to the shampoo. It had a soft scent, almost like baby laundry detergent. While I washed the weave I made sure that I checked for stiffness and moisture depletion that would be caused by the shampoo. After I washed the hair twice I rinsed it out with water.

The shampoo was pretty good. In my eyes it got the job done nothing too amazing. After I washed out the shampoo I did notice the hair becoming lighter, meaning that the products I previously used on the hair was extracted.

Premium Moisturizing Shampoo  Product 9

This shampoo did not really have a scent to it. I decided to use this shampoo on my natural hair despite my current non sulfate regimen. The shampoo lathered really well, and a little went a long way. And I really mean long because I have a rather large head. =)

After using it, my hair felt a bit stripped of its natural oils however it did not feel excessively dry. I followed up with the conditioner.

Premium Intensive Conditioning Product 4

I loved the way the conditioner added moisture to my hair while I had it on my hair. The consistency was very thick and my hair strands need a supple amount of product to really saturate it. I left the conditioner on for approximately 3 minutes and then washed it out. At first I still felt the moisture but as minutes passed the moisture began to fade. I am not sure what to think about that, but in any case it was not supposed to be a leave in so I would not hold all day moisture standards too high.


Premium Moisture Retaining Lotion Product 11

I tried the hair lotion on my human hair and it wasn’t to great in my opinion. It made the hair feel waxy an life less. I used it because the hair I was a bit dry and I thought that the lotion would be the perfect product to spruce up its life. Unfortunately this hair was not receiving of the product. This is not to say that another person’s tresses wouldn’t like it. Perhaps the product is for more thick hair types.

There was not a prominent smell to the lotion either. The consistency appeared to be on the jelly side, but a runny gel.

Premium Instant Hair Detangler Product 2

The detanlger did just what it said it would do. It detangled the hair in a matter of seconds after applying the product. I let the product sit on the hair for a bout 5 seconds and used a wide tooth comb to detangle. I found that this product works best on slightly damped hair already. It does however work on dry hair but you need a little more product than expected. This detangler did not leave the hair sticky but did seem as if it took a while for the product to dry on the hair.

There was not a scent left on the hair either which made it easy to apply any product over it without leaving a mixture of scents.


For the products that were not used, I will either be giving them away to my friends or holding a “Hand-Me-Down Giveaway” Please be alert and check out the site. These products are affordable and great to use if you are looking for a little more higher quality products that convenient store products.



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