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Flat Ironing is like Pregnancy: Confessions of a heat damaged curly

Friday, January 11, 2013

Approximately 4 weeks ago, I opted to flat iron my hair for the 2nd time in 2012. The difference between the first instance and the last instance was the stylist. The first time I choose to conduct the flat ironing on my own with the Cortex titanium 450, but this time I was lazy. The end results were beautiful and lasted about two weeks. I used the same products as my initial flat iron experience, but choose to deep condition the night before unlike the first time.

6th Day Hair
I don’t quite understand what went wrong except for the probable overly high heat temperature used on my hair follicles. I suspect that the stylist (my friend) used a heat setting above 410 degrees which unhealthy for hair strands. After I washed out my hair I tried a beer treatment, and also deep conditioning and nothing worked.
I am currently doing everything in my power to keep my remaining curls healthy, not that there are to too many tight curls left. I am making use of the curls I currently have with hopes that I can still maintain the healthy head of hair I aspire to continue to have.

Week 1 Curls
Flat ironing is definitely like pregnancy. If you do not have proper protection, you could have a potential problem (or blessing if it was intended). I currently see my heat damage experience as both a blessing and a curse. It’s almost as if I am reliving my transitioning experience making it helpful for those who are going through the same predicament. I want you all to travel along with me on this road to healthy hair journey. As I learn how to handle heat damage hopefully I should be able to provide you guys with information needed to restore damaged hair.
Here is my revert attempt:

Have any of you experienced heat damage? How did you handle it?
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