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Beautylish Boutique @beautylish & Armour Beauty @armourbeauty Review

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My review today is a duo!

Beautylish Boutique

I discovered Beautylish Boutique(BB) accidentally, but thank God I did. As some of you may know I recently purchased a nexus 7 and the Beautylish Boutique application was offered. Because I have very little aplication action going on, on the tablet I downloaded the application. Best decision of my life! (yes I over exaggerate). This boutique has beautifully organized products, making the shopping experience easy and searchable.

BB offers product reviews and user uploaded pictures to produce the clarity and usability of each item. When you sign up you also get a new user discount on your first purchase! now that rocks Smile


Armour Beauty (Last Dance)

When I received my Armour beauty lip-gloss, I never recognized the brand. However I did decide to purchase the product to give it a chance especially because of the unanimously great reviews it received. The gloss reminds me of the mac collection lip-glosses but 10 times better. It has just enough stay power as a lip-gloss which shocked me because again, this product is not a mainstream product. The name of the gloss is Last dance and it provides an excellent tint to my lips =) Armour advertises their lip-gloss with the tag line “A gloss that wears like a lipstick”  so I had to see what was up. Out of the other 19 glosses I choose this one (last dance) because it looked highly pigmented in the product picture but on my lips it was a different story. In the picture it was a deep maroon color, but it showed up a bit more sheer than solid but I could still detect the color.

The color lasts a good 2.5 hours which is great for lip-gloss.  After the 2.5 hours I only touched up for a shine because the color was still stained on my lips (I suppose the tag line is true).


The gloss is a bit on the sticky side but not tremendously disgusting. It is also pricey! Ohh honey child this product runs for $21 Surprised smile. I would have to dig deep for a purchase like this. I would not have purchased this, but I had a new user coupon for the boutique so I went ahead and purchased it.

The smell is to die for. Now I am not a huge fan of smelly products but the aroma is of fresh vanilla which makes it yummy smelling. It makes me want to eat my own lips…that how they get you so you can buy more of the gloss Winking smile


After a little bit of research, I know that there are other places online to purchase this product but I am not sure if it is sold in stores which would beat the shipping cost.

I would love to try another gloss in a different shade to review, but these lip beauties will have to be a 3 month treat to myself.

Would I recommend this?  You already know I would! Smile It is a staple for me

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