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Ishimma Products Review

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Product: Ishimma Papaya Lime Conditioner
Ishimma, a new rising product line, sent me a couple of goodies to review. The first product I encountered was the conditioner. I decided to include this into my regimen as an after wash moisturizer. This product can be used as both a wash out or leave-in conditioner.

Price: 10.99 USD

Their Claims : If you’re looking for a natural conditioner for dry hair, you’ve come to the right place!  This Papaya Lime Conditioner moisturizes, conditions, and nourishes the hair with wonderful oils such as avocado and moisturizing fruit extracts.  Formulated to make for easier combing and styling, it is also safe for co-washing, overnight conditioning, and general conditioning. Fortifies and strengthen the hair strand with hydrolyzed protein.  After just a few minutes of having this conditioner on your hair, it is softer and more manageable.  For ladies with relaxed hair, you’ll experience silkier, bouncier hair after one use.  Believe us, your hair will thank you!
 Ingredients( all are not listed because my letters rubbed off): Water, Aloe Vera (moisturizer), Glycerin (humectant), Protein, Avocado oil (conditioner), Wheat Germ oil (conditioner), Peppermint oil (astringent/scalp soothing), Rosemary oil (scalp stimulant/growth), Eucalyptus oil (stimulator/growth ); Papaya, Lime, and Hibiscus* Extracts, Vitamin E (anti-oxidant/conditioner) *Organic
The consistency is a mixture of creamy and watery. It makes for a “Custard like” consistency in my opinion.
I personally liked the smell of the conditioner. Though I have no idea what papaya is supposed to smell like, however the lingering scent was pleasant. There was definitely I tangible smell of lime in my opinion which was easy on the nose.

My overall thoughts: I used this product for a course of two weeks. As stated above, I included the conditioner as an after wash conditioner, not compromising the products properties with any other product. I wanted true results so the Ishimma line was the only products I used. Because the consistency was a bit on the light side, I had to use more than the recommended amount, however their oil(review bellow) I used to seal helped the moisturizing properties. I personally believe I would have made this a staple if the consistency was thicker when I applied it to my hair instead of being runny. One thing I did like about the product was the inclusion of protein. This is most beneficially because my hair strands are currently heat damaged. If my tresses were not damaged I would have disliked this inclusion because excessive protein does not usually cooperate with my hair. The protein is great for strengthening my strands, so that made me love it.
I mostly enjoyed this product as a refreshing moisturizer. I tried this product on an old twist out to revive the moisture and it made a difference for the flexibility and strength of my strands. For me, this worked a little bit more when my hair was dry rather than wet.
wasn't too fond that I couldn't have use this as a detangler, but this wasn't delivered as a “miracle product” so that is fine.

I would recommend this to someone who requires a lower potency product for moisture.  

Product: Ishimma Cocomint Hair Oil
Price: 6.99
Their Claims: Immediately softens your hair with cocomint hair oil , a mixture of rich oils to protect the hair structure and add luster. End breakage with this blend of conditioning and nourishing oils, such as coconut hair oil.  Infused with peppermint oil for soothing the scalp and a pleasant aroma. Our oil is completely natural with no silicones, mineral oils, or parabens.
Ingredients: Sunflower oil* (conditions), Coconut oil* (conditions/retains moisture), Olive oil* (conditions), Peppermint oil (soothe/growth stimulant), Vitamin E (anti-oxidant/conditioner)

This was the second product sent to me by the line. I used this in conjunction with the moisturizer.
The consistency was light for oil, I am guessing there weren’t any heavy oils included.
The smell of this oil is pretty darn scrumptious. It smells very smooth, if that makes sense, because it does not have harsh scents.

My thoughts: I would most definitely incorporate this into my regiment because it was an excellent sealer! I rarely had to apply this because my hair seemed to have taken heed to the product. It didn’t just lay on my hair it seemed to have provided sheen and slight moisture. I especially enjoyed using this as I took down my styles, ie. twistouts and braids. However, I would have preferred if the oil contained more oils stimulating hair growth, but beggars can not be choosers. I truly believe this product does what it is intended to do.

Other purposes: I tried to warm this oil up and use it as a hot oil treatment and it was tre magnifique! It left my hair shiny and soft! After washing out the oil it did not weight my hair down either as I would have initially expected!
Two thumbs up for the oil! I would recommend this to all oil lovers J
Hot oil Treatment with Streamer

The results
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