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Monday, April 22, 2013

Though many movie critics and general spectators view Tyler Perry’s latest “play turned movie”, Temptation, overly dramatic for a melodramatic film, I differ in opinions. The beginning of the movie was less than slow, compared to other Perry hits. Perry primes the audiences with the perspective “You never know what you have until it is gone” cliché proverb. He chooses the main character to deliver this concept to the viewers, whom are the eyes and ears of the main character’s client, making the audience a third person in the movie. Because of the audience’s third wall, as filmmakers like to call it, the main character refers to herself in third person.

The subtle inclusion of time jumps was just enough to sink the message and story line Perry was producing to the viewers’ attention.

Yes, the film was dramatic, but you should know what you are diving into upon ticket retrieval. Its Tyler Perry for heaven’s sake. However, the drama is reality for most people in urban communities. Correct, I said urban, because that is where most of the relatable incidences that occurred in this film befall in communicates such as those. No, the people in the film were not based in that sort of environment, but at an elementary level, it is easy for the viewers to detect the “struggle” the characters were facing. All too many times, people from urban settings fall prey to Perry’s painted predicament in the film. These same real people can never seem to build up the fortitude to crawl out.
This Perry drama is telling the story for minorities out there trying not to settle. For those of you, who view the film; will understand what I am trying to get across without telling the film line.

I personally loved the way Perry set up the film. After taking one film class (all you need is one to be an expert lol), I understand the making of a good film. The 2 climatic moments of the film were not as predictable as I expected them to be but rather empathetic and captivating.
As for the characters… clap clap bravo, because both men and women would appreciate the eye candy presented on screen just like any other Perry production. There were even cast members outside of Perry’s typical casting line, which I believe brought more life to the film.

If you are looking for a film that will purge genuine tears without a typical ending, don’t resist the temptation this time to view Temptation. 
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