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Dress United Custom Shirt Review #fashion

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


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Dress United

Once again, Nearly Hair was given the opportunity to partner with to try out their new services. The last time it was all about their custom business cards, check post here, however this time, their service is one more relatable and usable for everyone. (Dress United) now has a custom T-shirt service provider that allows you to design and mass produce. How awesome is that? The platform they created for customers are easy and user friendly. I personally had no issue creating a shirt.


The platform prompts you to choose between the shirt`s fit, meaning female or unisex, along with color, size, and style. Their styles range from American Eagle to Hanes. The options the website provides amazes me because it gives you, the designer, more le-way in terms of the look and feel. The users are able to upload personal pictures in addition to the clip art, letters and premade designs available. The only drawback is the lack of unlimited workspace. You are given space on both front and back, I'm not sure exact measurements, but if you wanted to have something on the edge, you would not be able to do so. When I received my shirt it took about two weeks or so, and required no sign off. The shirt looked exactly as I designed, true to color and size. However, I did become turned off with the odor. The shirt smelled like molding clothing, hopefully when washed the odor will subside. The ink also felt a tad bit ironed on than infused in the shirt. It was hard to distinguish what method was used.






Sometimes, ironed on graphics can be problematic because they peel easily. I have not encountered this problem yet because the shirt is new but it seems of good quality so I have little doubt. The shirt itself was a durable material.


Their customer service is exceptional as usual, and they are more than easy to contact if any questions may arise.


I used Dress United for a music production business because I believed the shirts were wholesome enough to use. The shirt cost varies by the amount you order but if you are reading this post and are interested, NH readers receive 30% off their orders and FREE Shipping with the code BLOG30OFF4U. If you haven't already, mosey on over there now!




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