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@Qoileez Review & Giveaway

Saturday, May 25, 2013



Qoileez!! “What is that?” was probably the first reaction you experienced upon hearing the term. To dissolve all quizzical looks and feelings in regards to what it is, let me explain. Qoileez is a new invention meant to serve as a multipurpose item. They are mostly considered as an affordable hair accessory that can be utilized for different purposes as well. When I initially received the item for review, I was concerned with my utilization of the product. There are some demos online that explain how it can be used, but I wanted to expand on the initial uses.



Qoileez can be used as stated on the site as, a hair accessory, knitting holders, chopstick holders, pencil holders/ grips etc. I tried a few of the recommended uses and found them to be extremely more helpful than I intended. I was hesitant when I utilized Qoileez as a hair accessory because the ends of the Qoileez looked a it sharp, which is always a scare for hair. I did not want them to rip or snag on anything but it worked out just fine for the braid I attached it to. I personally believe that one of the best uses is using Qoileez as a hair accessory. IMG_0018

I continued to try these as a crochet needle holder while I was at it because I genuinely didn’t have anything to hold those small needles with anyway. Below are a few moreIMG_0019 pictures of how I utilized Qoileez.



The Make:  In my opinion these items feel more rubbery and silicone-like rather than the plastic that the site stated it was formed from. They are about an inch long and very expandable. I am unsure of the length stretched because it is hard to make these items lie flat. The standard form of a Qoileez is a coil! The name is a straight giveaway, so when you expand the Qoileez and then let go, it retracts and curls right back up which makes it easy to hold thing, like my scarves!

Qoileez come in a variety of colors and designs that make them both fashionable and practical. I believe Qoileez are marketable because they appear attractive to the eye and are most useful as space savers/holders. Most people seek items  that save space especially because I believe we al have a bit of hoarder in us. They are sold in basic packages of seven for $4.99 or deluxe packages of 14 for $7.99.




I have not used these items for a long time to say whether or not the retraction/elasticity for lack of a better word is long lasting.



Qoileez has offered NH readers an opportunity to win and try out some of these items as well! Here are the rules:

1. Follow both @Qoileez and I @CiaE7 on Twitter

2. Send us a tweet with this “ I can’t wait to win my @Qoileez thanks @Ciae7”

3. Follow @ciae7 Instagram

The giveaway ends June 7th 11:59pm. The winner will have 48 hours to responded before it is given to someone else.


Check out Qoileez here


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