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Tales From the Kinks: Alexia Edition @_lexilove

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Tell NearlyHair Readers about yourself

My name is Alexia Channer. I was born in Connecticut but I have been attending college on Long Island in New York for the past four years. Long Island has become my second home. Oh and I love green juice and working out.

How long have you been relaxer free?

I’ve been relaxer free for 2 years now. I remember struggling with the idea to go natural for about a year. I was scared to venture into the new relaxer free world. “Would society accep me?” “Would I look professional enough with natural hair?” “Would men still find me attractive?” “Would I still find myself beautiful?” All of these questions seem silly now but those are some serious issues that many of us face but not many of us talk about. When my childhood best friend surprised me with her newly shaved head and she said that she had given up relaxers it empowered me to transition. That’s why whether it’s a friend, blog, or forum support systems are necessary. Oh and all those doubts I had...gone! Everyone has responded well to my hair and I feel more beautiful than ever.

What moved you to make a chemical free lifestyle?

I wanted healthier hair and I felt like a fraud. I have fine strands so my hair was never able to flourish with a relaxer. I decided that if I ever wanted healthy hair I would have to give up relaxers. Also, as I began to take my health more seriously. Something about putting chemicals on my hair and scalp didn’t sit well with me. Natural hair blogs and friends helped me to commit to transitioning.

What has been your biggest challenge with your hair?

The transitioning process was the most challenging. Detangling was a nightmare and I hated the challenge of dealing with two textures. With my hair being completely natural the only challenge is maintaining hair styles.

What is your relationship like\what have you learned with your hair?

I love my hair and I love the versatility of it. I’ve learned not to fight with my hair. If my kinks and curls don’t feel like being super defined one day I’m fine with that. If it frizzes.. I work with it too. If doesn’t feel like being stretched today I don’t force it. My hair goal at the moment is mid back length hair. I figure I have a good 5 years to go to achieve my goal.

What are your staple products and hairstyle?

Wash: Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mixture

Deep Conditioner: Shea Moistures Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Braid Outs- Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie/My own shea butter mixture (whichever I have available), eco-styler gel/flax seed gel (again, whichever I have available), and my own mixture of argan, castor, olive, and coconut oil to seal my hair.

Co-Wash- Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Co-Wash

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Do you have any advice for those who are natural or thinking about throwing out the relaxer?

I have plenty of advice. Where do I begin?

1. Don’t be afraid to go natural and ignore the naysayers. Not everyone will be as supportive at first but once they see your hair flourishing without a relaxer they will love it!

2. Accept your texture. Finding the right product to give you a curl you don’t have will end up in money wasted and disappointing results. I find that it’s not the product but properly moisturized hair that holds the most definition

3. Stripping your hair of its natural oils is a big no for me. That’s why I stay away from all shampoos. Clay washes are the best.

4. Use products that nourish your hair. Natural butters and oils that work for your hair texture are best.

5. Remember to WERK it honey. Natural hair is professional, beautiful, sexy and anything else you want it to be.


Who has been your biggest inspiration through this journey?

My sister who has been natural her whole life. She loves kinky curly hair and has encouraged me throughout my journey.


Where else can we find you on the web?


Twitter: @_lexilove and @lexisgreenguide


IG: @_lexiloveee

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