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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanks to Lexi’s Green Guide I was inspired to give my booty a lift. The guide described a natural superfood that aids in energy and natural curve enhancements. To read more about the supplement you can take a look here.

Around the beginning of August 2013, I opted to try this plant. Maca root comes in various forms however taking it in pill form was the most easiest option for me. I started with Nature’s Way Maca Root in 525 mg. I took it once daily in the morning with my regular multi-vitamin. I took this supplement for four months, and It did help with energy however the curves I desired just weren’t there! I thought to discontinue using it however I wanted the energy it provided because I did see an increase in my energy levels.

However, I did not give up on my quest for a bigger booty (do not judge me, I know all of you want to enhance some part of your body, mine just happens to be my trunk!) I caved in and asked Lexi about the specific type of Maca she used and she recommended Gaia Herbs(GH) brand. I ordered this maca online and found major difference’s between Gaia’s brand and Nature’s Way.

Gaia’s Maca root came in 1000 mg, versus the 525 mg Nature’s Way offers. It is also recommended by GH to take the pill 2-3 times a day, whereas I was taking Nature’s Way only once daily. I believe GH has higher levels of hormones which leads me to my next few statements.

Though I have been consuming the GH Maca root for about two weeks now, I have noticed changes in my body. My body seems to be breaking out more along my chin line and back, and I believe this may be due to the overage of testosterone and estrogen found in the pills causing my glands to overproduce sebum, hence the acne.

I also find myself constantly hunger with this pill. As I read more into it, I found that the pill releases a hormone that tells your body that is is hungry, even when this may no be the case. This increased appetite should subside after your body becomes accustom to the pill, so I am waiting for that to occur because I hate being in starvation mode!

Now, on to the curves! I am not going to lie, I know for a fact this maca is pushing the tush out a little and that is exactly what I have been aiming for. Now it is hard to say that this is the sole cause for increased curves because I have been working out more so the maca was not the only variable in this case. I do know that my energy still is increased and I can not complain about that especially with 17 hour days with work outs included. I would like to properly track my booty size increase however I did not initially measure or take pictures before I started this brand. What I will start doing is taking pictures ever week to have you be the judge!

There are other reviews out there that thoroughly explain the effects of this  plant in pill form but I just wanted to let you lovely people know what I have been experiencing on this miracle curve/stamina pill!

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