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Shea Moisture Color system: Bright Auburn Review

Monday, February 17, 2014

The young lady featured in these photos gave her honest input on how well the Shea moisture color system worked for her. Read her statements below.

The Shea Moisture Color System was wonderful. It was not drying at all. I actually thought my curls looked the best I’d ever seen them after the application of the hair color. The color is sometimes difficult to see indoors but when the sun or bright light hits the color is very vibrant. I did notice the next time I washed my hair some of the color rinsed out but I didn't notice a lack of color once my hair was dried and styled. I haven't had any of the dye come off on my clothes, thank GOD! Overall I would definitely use this product again! 

Note: After the second application of the shea moisture color system her curl pattern remained in tact and the color was more noticeable. Please keep in mind if your color choice from the the line is significantly lighter than your hair color then it is wise to keep the color in your hair longer before washing. 

This hair color system comes in 12 vibrant colors:
Light Blonde
Medium Golden Blonde
Dark Golden Blonde
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Medium Chestnut Brown
Light Auburn
Bright Auburn-What I used!
Dark Auburn
Jet Black
Soft Black
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