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CWK Straight Plates-Straighten Hair No Heat, I am a backer!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A month ago, in May, my best friend notified me about a new tool that is soon to hit the market in August. Of course I was interested because he told me it was a straightening tool, and no I ain't afraid of no heat! Little did I know that this tool was heat free!
So after I did a little research I was sold. I became a backer for the CWK straight plates. God has blessed me with money however not so much to be a top contributor. I contributed $45 to the campaign and yes the notion to start the production of these plates have left the base.
I am so excited for what is to come of these products, the prototype looks amazing.
I think her kickstarter page explains better than I could ever do so check out the full details here!

A perk to be a backer is that I get to get a set of the plates before it hits shelves, so trust me, a review is to come in a couple months.

What do you ladies, or men think? Would you purchase it? Is it to good to be true?
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