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The #B-side #1

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have officially joined the b-side form think and grow chick's website. Read the excerpt below to grasp a better understanding of what exactly the b-side is (excerpt from
few years ago, I started a project here on the blog called, “The B-Side” which was an entrepreneurial resource for women. I ended up putting it on the back burner years ago as I made changes to the blog and introduced my bookclub, but I always thought it was a great idea and longed to bring it back one day.
Well, today is that day!The B-Side will now be a monthly mastermind group for entrepreneurial women. I named it “The B-Side” after the funky, lesser known tracks on the other side of my favorite cassette tapes growing up...
On the first of each month, I will create a 
On the first of each month, I will create a linkup blog post (our “meetings”) where we can all share our entrepreneurial goals, progress, challenges, and successes for the month in the following format:

·         Recap of last month’s goals
 ·         This month’s business goals
 ·         Current challenges
 ·         Current successes/things that are working

To read more click here

So this is my first b-side and I am super excited for what my fingers and my mind are going to produce. I have more than one business goal I want to accomplish this year however I believe this group (b-side) will enable me to do one at a time

This Month's Business Goals
I have had this blog/website for over 4 years now and I believe that it is time to step up my blogging game to increase revenue and readers. 
  1. Look for resources and tools that will produce income. I would like to view my blog as a business, so what better way to envision my business as an actual business by getting paid
  2. Find a schedule that works for me.  I think that I sporadically post and that is never good for routine. I think that if I can commit to at least two days a week, I will be able to increase post and stick to a schedule
  3. Advertising and promoting my blog more. There was a point in time where my readership and views were amazing because I would advertise my blog on other platforms and websites. It is time I took action in these marketing tactics again. For every post I produce I should be able to market it on at least 3 other platforms!
Current Challenges 
  1. Time! So I used to work crazy hours and had school on my plate, but seeing how it is summer and school is out for a while I believe I can make time for my blog. Those times when I feel lazy and just want to lie down, I think I will make it my duty to do a post and use my lazy time as an award.
  2. Twitter/Instagram account. When I first started my website I did not know how important it could be to brand my website on separate platforms. I made the mistake of blending my blog life with my real life so there are not two distinct accounts for my personal and blog social media platforms. I have a fear of starting over, so I will have to work with the platforms I have to the best of my ability because I have many readers and fans on my personal accounts for my blog.
  3. Getting readers. I have to be able to post about things that matter in order to have people interested in what I have to say. I have to do more research on what hot topics are nowadays to gain more readers. 

Current Success/What's Working
  1. My passion to help/expertise. Most of my friends always ask me questions in regards to what they can do to grow their hair and maintain it. I believe my experience and passion to help has helped me to keep my blog alive although my post are 5 months apart. lol 
  2. Instagram. Though I post rarely I still find myself dabbling in my hair and posting images. I think that my involvement with instagram and other hair bloggers/ insta-grammers will continually help me to grow readership 
Until next month guys! We shall see how my goals pan out. 
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