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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello Nearly Hair readers, I have something a little bit different to share with you, which does not concern hair. Over the next several weeks I will be sharing my journey to healthier skin.
I have become an affiliate with Works with Water, a skin company, and they have sent me some products to try that should help clear up any blemishes and acne people may suffer from. I have chosen to work alongside this company because of their thoroughness when it comes to the facts, If you visit their website they have studies and valuable information that explains why their product works!

It's great hearing and viewing the testimonials but when it comes to something as dear to me as my skin, hard cold facts are most important. I have been struggling with acne and scarring for the past 12 years so I thought this was a good offer to pick up. You can find some of their clinical studies here.

Works with Water has two main products that they market for clear skin results and "beautffied skin" results (This does not include the men line). The two products are the Daily Jelly Supplements for Skin, and the Help Clear skin Soluble packets. The company sent me two boxes of the Jelly Supplements and one box of the soluble formula.

How does it work?
These products contain PravENAC which is a proprietary Lactoferin. Lactoferin is an anti acne supplement that active ingredients include aloe vera and zinc gluconate, which provide antimicrobial, antioxidant and inflammatory properties. Lactoferrin is already in our exocrine secretions such as tears and mucus. The focus of this is to suppress free radical-mediated damage. To find out more click here .

Help Clear Skin Packets
These packets market for about $38.98 USD (as it is a UK based company)
All you have to do is drink the packets once daily in any 250mL food or liquid.

Help Beautify Skin Daily Jelly Supplements for Skin
Market price: $38.98 USD
You have the option to consume 1 or 2 jelly treats every day

My Thoughts
Today was my first day using these products and it was so simple! I did not have to deviate from my regular skin or eating routine. I simply drank the soluble with my orange juice in the morning and consumed one of the jelly packets.
Taste- Surprisingly the soluble had not significant taste. I was prepared to hold my nose to drink the OJ but my OJ still had the fresh OJ taste. I am a frequent oatmeal eater so I may try using the soluble in the oatmeal as well.

The jelly packets reminded me of fruit snacks! Or apple jello. No odd taste at all.

I am planning on posting pictures every three days for the next 2 weeks as this skin journey unfolds!
If you are interested in trying it for yourself click here!

Day 1 Pictures

What do you use to help combat acne?

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