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Works with Water Update: Day 6

Friday, August 21, 2015

My external skin care regimen has been great. I haven't had any lazy makeup removal nights, astringents have been a holy grail product and moisture has been key for my skin renewal. As far as internal strategies for skin care...I have been lacking.Yes, I have been taking the works with water packets which haven't been too far of a stretch from my normal food intake regimen however the actual foods I have been eating have not been the healthiest choices.

This entire week my job has been providing free lunch, and if you all know my I can never say no to free. Of course with most companies free food consists of the chips and the cookies and low and behold I have indulged in the chips and the cookies. My skin is super sensitive to the types of foods I put in my body so all the fatty oils and excess cookies cause my face to breakout. I will have to say that although my breakouts were minute, they were not as bad as previous breakouts. I think I can contribute my mild breakout instead of the severe breakout because of the Works with Water products. 

Below you will find the pictures of both sides of my face. Can you see any differences? (View discretion advised lol)
Day 2

Day 6

I definitely feel that by day 5 my skin did begin to feel more smooth but I can still see the scars. Perhaps the next few days will reveal the new skin!

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