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My search with Ezikiel Bread

Saturday, September 5, 2015

As some of you have seen in my previous post, I have been trying to perfect my inner and outer beauty. It has been a biter struggle as for the past three weeks I've been binge eating on solely junk! I still try to get at least 30 mins of exercise 3 times out of the week, but it has been low intense exercise and I don't seem to find it helpful anymore. While I'm still trying to figure out how to balance my life and exercise goals I figured smaller adjustments may be more feasible at this time. 

A couple of co-workers have suggested that I try a Paleo or Gluten free diet. At first it sound like a grand idea, however after time progressed my other health freak of a coworker told me that these diets are not the healthiest to fulfill all nutritional groups. Therefore with the controversial messages I decided to do my research. 

I've recently been sold on the bread alternatives. I have found some pretty useful information for an item called Ezekiel bread. I was astounded by the naturalness and almost all unprocessed nature of this bread! It has no added sugar and is made from organic sprouted grains! These sprouting grains reduce the amount of harmful nutrients. This product does still contain wheat (and 'duh' it is still a bread) but it is a much better option for regular processed bread eaters like myself. If you'd like more information check here

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So as I take my baby steps to a better lifestyle, I'll be seeking out the bread while I go on my weekend grocery trips! 

Next Research endeavor: Gluten Free Bread! 
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