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The real reason you haven't been meeting you goals-Weekend Encouragement

Saturday, September 12, 2015

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How many of you are sick and tired of creating a goal and never accomplishing it? 🙋  *Slowly Raises Hand*. Yes I am guilty of this crime. It's so hard to make a goal and ever really accomplish it when we intend to do so. In my advising training for the university in which I work for, we have obtained some pretty useful information that I could not wait to share with my readers. 

I believe this process originated out of University of Virginia and it discusses ways in which to make our goals more attainable. The way I look at smart goals is this:
We all have goals and we know what our expected outcome should be but the route there is pretty blurry. We can dissolve that blurriness by indoctrinating SMART Goals. Just like how we use a GPS to plug in our destination to give us a route (thanks co-worker) , we can use the SMART goal device in order to help us reach our goals!

How does it work?
Of course, the work SMART is an acronym that breaks our goal down into smaller steps. 

Time Bound

Specific:  This goal should be simple and clearly define in order to describe what you are doing.  If it is specific it should include the what, why and how. (Of course the who is you!) 
EXAMPLE:  I am going to make a post on Monday's every week on Nearly Hair by drafting and submitting content by 8:00 pm so my readers stay engaged. 
(vs. I am going to submit content more)

Measurable -  Your goal should have a criteria so there is tangible evidence that you have accomplished your task.  Measuring our progress helps you to stay focused and on top of your game. 
To ensure your goal is measurable ask questions like: How will you know you have achieved your goal?
EXAMPLE: I will write down to do a post each Monday and cross it off in my calendar that I have completed this task once the post goes live.

Aggressive – Goals that challenge you  or make you travel outside of your comfort zone usually yields better results. You have to develop and possess the needed skills, abilities and knowledge to achieve your desired goal.  Most goals are attainable when there are thought out steps in place to execute. Sometimes as you follow through your steps you begin to realize that you are surpassing the steps you once deemed to be impossible.

EXAMPLE: My goal is challenging and aggressive because I do not like having deadlines for projects and it applies pressure.

Realistic- One of the most important factors in goal setting is making it realistic! You cannot possible have a goal that you wish to achieve you do not have the correct skill set or tools. Your goal also has to present objectivity where in you are able to operate. Your goal can be both aggressive and realistic as long as you have the right mindset to strive for progress.
EXAMPLE: My goal is realistic because I produce content for my website all the time its just aggressive because I have set a frequency point. I have the skill set and tolls I need to accomplish the task, and the aggressiveness in the realest perspective allows this to be a high motivator to stretch my capabilities.

Time Bound – All goals should have a timeframe to create a sense of urgency. Without a timeframe your goal may never be attained because your focus can be obscured. Time allows good tension to be built around our goal, instead of thoughtless procrastination. Having a start and end date allows you to take manageable steps on your journey.

EXAMPLE: By December 1st, I will have published 12 articles on my website. One accounted for each week.

For you who hate reading here’s a video I found that may help (the words may be different but same concept):
Hopefully this insight will help one of you as you try to make your goals more realistic. What goals are you going to work on using this model over the next week? Will it be weight loss? Or reading that new book that has been collecting dust?

Let me know!
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