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Is your hair or skin constantly dry? VIsit Our Shea-Bar

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I am pleased to say that Our Shea-Bar may be the next revolutionary service that changes the way you shop for your beauty needs. Their service has the main intent to inform us, the mindless consumer , that not all premade shelved items are as healthy and natural as we thought they were. Personally, when I am in a rush and need a quick fix for my skin or hair I run to the nearest CVS or walmart, Our Shea-Bar and find out what you've been missing  in your regular regimen. Knowledge is power!
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pick up some jergens and I;m out. BUt in the long run, am I really doing justice to my skin? When I take a look at the ingredients on the back of my lotions or hair stylers I can never pronounce every single component nor do I know what those weird words mean. What the heck is glycol doing to my skin or hair? Lord he knows. Our Shea-Bar emphasizes the natural pre-made elements needed to help educate ourselves on what exactly we need. I for one I am compelled and in love with peppermint and coconut oil. Especially because I have frequent headaches and they both are soothing. Head on over to
How could I forget to mention that its safe enough to use on babies!
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  1. Hair is alike the skin. The skin can be dry to some degree. So does the hair. It's time to take in some water for the hair and you need to choose the right product.
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