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Affordable Makeup for beginners #MUA

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coastal Scents 

 Who doesn't love a deal? I am no makeup guru but I want scavenging through all of my makeup drawers the other day and I found my beginner's makeup 88 eyeshadow palette. Luckily the colors were still pigmented and most of the pots were still in place! Needless to say, my 88 Palettes from Coastal Scents is a gem because it has all of the colors you can think of to play around with and it's matte.I'm not too fond of shimmers yey. is time to buy a new one after over 6 years o use and non use...but for now I am going to stick with it until I can't use majority of the colors.

For those of you who are just like me, and can barely apply lipstick to your lips, Coastal Scents provides you with the most affordable quality makeup. Now back then, I do believe I paid 15 bucks for the palettes which was a STRETCH for my pockets, but nowadays these palettes at other stores cost about 50 bucks a pop! I think I'd stick with the 15 dollars, which by the way is now only 8 dollars, especially because I am not at the Guru level to just shell out all that money.

As we speak, Coastal scents has eyeshadows for under 3 bucks...need I say more.

You can also get 5 bucks worth of makeup for free here

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