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Healthy Alternatives for Desserts! #Healthyalternatives #Healthylifestyle #sweettreats

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Living the healthy life can have its ups and downs. Some of those down times can be pretty disheartening especially around the holiday season when everyone puts their "foot" in their food. Eating healthy simply means that you make the choice to neglect those foods that give you temporary satisfaction for a healthier life.

Personally, I have made the decision to cut out dairy and to reduce my gluten intake. Though I am not always successful, as it seems EVERYTHING has gluten,  I have done some research so that my healthy eats can be tastefully satisfying as well! My greatest finds those far are the variations of coconut. 
I can't necessarily use coconut in my hair as it make my hair too brittle but eating coconut has changed my life!
Photo: Comfy Belly
This past holiday season I discovered how to make gluten and diary free sweet potato pie along with...wait for it...diary free ice cream! No, I didn't necessarily make the ice cream but the pie was all me!! Be sure to check out my instagram page here for some cool pics of my food. 
The main ingredients in the pie were of course sweet potato and coconut flour. Coconut flour is high in fiber and has great health fats to fulfill your nutritional needs. It doesn't include any wheat and grains which gives it a two thumbs up on the gluten free scale!!! Coconut flour is packed with protein and gives yours dishes great flavors. Soooo this means that you don't have to ditch your favorite desserts but instead just substitute for healthier choices. 
And everyone knows that sweet potato pie goes great with ice cream. Due to my diary free journey I thought that all hope would be lost for my milkshakes and ice cream endeavors, BUT I was wrong. Thanks to my co-worker, I now know that Diary-Free ice cream exists! I went to my local stop and shop and headed straight to the organic section to see what I could find! Luckily there were so many
flavors to choose from so I did not feel limited in my search. I decided to go with basic vanilla by Coconut Bliss. I was so skeptical but I am so happy that I decided to try because it was beyond delicious! Now, it doesn't have anything on Cookies and Cream but this was a great segway to my dairy free lifestyle while still having tasty treats. Who knows what great things are next, Maybe apple donuts!???
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