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Fake Acrylic Nails No Acrylic

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

fake acrylic nails no acrylic

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I think you will agree with me when I say:

It's hard to maintain great looking nails on a BUDGET!

I have had various people question me about my nails. They range from who does my them to how much does that cost?! I always find great pleasure when I can smile and say I did it myself! Now I think it’s time to share how I get my nails to look so professionally done for ¾ of the price!
Thanks to Alexandra on Youtube (When I find her YouTube name I will insert it here), I have learned how to have fake acrylic nails without acrylic!

What you’ll need:

First to ensure that my false nails will adhere to my nail base I file my nail beds and smooth them! You want to make sure that all nail polish is removed and your cuticles are pushed back. Your cuticles are pushed back to get a sleeker look.

fake acrylic nails no acrylic before

Once I finish the first step a proceed to match the false nail tips with my finger nails. If you’re like me and every nail seems too large, you can always file the nail sides to make sure they fit your nails perfectly.
After you have all the nails set out for application add nail glue to both the nail and your actual finger nail. Some people may think this is overkill but I apply to both for maximum hold.

fake acrylic nails no acrylic

You then want to file and shape the nail to the desired look.

fake acrylic nails no acrylic

Now it is time to get rid of the line of demarcation. In order to get rid of the line, you’re are going to use a corn starch and base/top coat gel nail polish mixture. You want to mix a teaspoon of cornstarch and 8 drops of clear nail polish together. Do not use the gel nail polish for this mixture because we will be using that later in the instructions.

cornstarch nails

cornstarch nailsAfter you have mixed together the cornstarch and the polish, it is time to spread the mixture across the point where the fake nail meets your real nail. I do this so that when I am applying nail polish there isn’t any ridges between my actual nail and nail tip. This mixture dries fairly quick. So after 5 minutes or so, I then go ahead and file down my nail bed to get rid of the excess cornstarch until my nail is smooth.
*It does remain white but the residue goes away after a while.

cornstarch nails
cornstarch nailsAfter you have reached desired smoothness it’s time to apply clear gel polish. This step is absolutely optional but I have achieved great results with this method! I cure my clear gel nail polish with my UV machine. Now if you don’t have the UV light you can always go in with clear polish and paint your nails as usually but I have not tried it without the gel polish. I believe the gel polish aids in the longevity of my nails.
Once I have cured the gel polish I then go in and design my nails per usual.

Finally, after I have finished designing and allowed the regular nail polish to dry, I go back in with my clear nail polish making sure to cap the tips of the nails (Spreading nail polish on the top edge of the nail) and clean my nails with the gel cleaner.

Pretty simple! The longest portion of this application is filing the fake nails so that my fake nails matches with my regular nail size.

These nails have the potential to last 2 weeks and that say a lot! Of course the stronger the glue the longer the nail will stay intact as well.

Remember, the key to beautiful looking nails is to keep your own nails healthy. Sure, nailpolish and fake tips give a luxurious appearance, however nail care is important. Our friends over at Positive Health Wellness have great tips on keeping your real nails strong and healthy. Check out their article here.

What do you guys think of this method!? Are you going to try?

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  1. I was scrolling through my instagram and saw this posted & I'm glad I clicked the link! Very clever way of doing your own nails!! I've been looking for New natural ways to take care of my nails for the longest so I love coming across new insight. Love how fluid & clear the instructions are, keep it up!!

    1. Thank you! Im super glad that you found this helpful =)

  2. How long do they last? Do they break easily?

    1. They lasted about two weeks. Sometimes it’s. Struggle to get them off to be honest but well worth it


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