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Tropikal Bliss final Review│How I am clearing my acne

Monday, January 16, 2017

It’s been roughly a month and a half since I have started using Tropikal Bliss’s super enzyme kit. For my initial review be sure to hop on over to my original post to be up to speed.
 I have ritually used these every day and every night without missing a day (actually I missed a whole day when I was deathly sick with the stomach bug BUT only one day)! I have realized that consistency is key with this product to ensure great results! I have seen a dramatic difference in my overall glow and most importantly texture of my skin. After the first two weeks my cheeks and jawline (which are typically problem areas) were much smoother to touch. My pores also have decreased in size and it just makes my face look healthier.

Below you can see the timeline of photos that depict the hyperpigmentation and the fading overtime. Granted these photos make my spots darker than they are but I promise you this kit has lightened them. Even if it was lightened by 1% it has still lightened so the claims are still true that attest to glowing skin. Come through glow up come through!

As I stated in my last post about acne, I have super complicated skin. When I say complicated that simply means that only Jesus could save this face of mine and rid me completely of acne. That’s not to say that this didn’t do its job because it did but of course I still do have acne. However, this whole kit is a life saver because when my hormonal acne comes through it literally clears up within two days sometimes even overnight, and I am not sure how it does it! I don’t really worry about having lingering postulates and small zits because as soon as I apply that toner honey, it dries up my acne quick fast and the blemish control cream zaps that bad boy away!

What’s my favorite out of the bunch?
Hand’s down it would have to be the toner. It smells so yummy and it keeps my oily skin fresh feeling. Did I mention that it smells great? If you can’t tell already I am a sucker for awesome smelling things that work wonders on my face. Unfortunately I am almost out of this so I definitely will have to buy this product in the mere future. If I had to choose another it would also be the cleanser because it’s not too harsh but it gets the job done! All of these products have a great shelf life if used correctly and goes a long way because you don’t need much of them to accomplish the task of clear skin.
I also figured out why my skin burned from the cream that I mentioned in my last post and its was for two reasons. 1. I didn’t let the previous serum you have to use before the cream dry which caused a tingly sensation when I applied the blemish control which I wasn’t too fond of. And 2. I noticed that the cream was burning/drying my existing acne which caused the weird sensation. So as a tip try to avoid applying this to pen wounds which I was negligent about which in turn caused me a little pain. All in all these products are not too harsh for the skin.

Would I recommend this to a friend?
Um….would you accept a promotion from your job that requires less hours and more money? There you have it simply put. I have never found a product that has given me such great results and its only been 1.5 months. Imagine what my face would look like if I used this for a year (which I plan on doing)? Once you find a good regimen stick to it!

This kit typically retails for about $138 bucks which is quite pricey but well worth it. They do sell the items separately so if you are looking to start small just try out the toner and the blemish cream for starters to see how they work. In my opinion you probably would get the most out of this product if you use them all together. But Tropikal Bliss you get an A in my book. Just change the smell of your cream and it’ll be an A+ 

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