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Guest Post: Best Oils for Natural Hair

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Best Natural Oils For Your Hair Type

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Natural oils are cherished for their health and wellness benefits. You will find natural oils in many beauty products as well. A multitude of hair care products boasting natural and essential oils, line the shelves at every supermarket, department store, and salon. So how can you know which products will be a perfect match with your hair?

There are so many types of hair combinations and it’s important to find the right oils to achieve your desired results. Natural oils generally work for dry and frizzy hair. Thinning hair, fine hair, or flat thin hair can be improved with certain natural oils as well. Is your hair very curly? Are you of African descent? Then you know the importance of oils. If you use chemicals such as relaxers, permanents, or hair dyes, you will want to frequently use oils to replenish the lost moisture from chemical treatments.

Argan Oil: Best Natural Oil For Dry, Damaged, Unmanageable Hair

You may see all the products that boast Argan Oil infusion for every hair problem imaginable. So what is the hidden secret? Well, normally the fatty acids in every oil will replenish moisture but this oil also has omega 3s and Vitamin E. These substances infuse the hair with moisture and strength. You do not need much of this at all, just a small amount or simply just coat your comb or pick with a light coating of Argan oil, and work through wet detangled hair after shampooing. Pay close attention to the ends of hairs. They are generally drier than areas closer to the scalp.

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Coconut Oil: Best Natural Oil For Dry Scalp And Hair

Coconut Oil is good for both hair and skin. It’s perfect if you like that tropical coconut scent. Your hair will smell luxurious, and look just as fine! First, it exfoliates with natural lauric acid then remove unwanted flakes. It strengthens both the root of the hair and the entire shaft with a strong dose of Vitamin E, and several other beneficial nutrients. Over time, this strengthening of the root can make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous. Should your hair be damaged from heat styling and chemicals, you can be confident that coconut oil improves the texture and moisture in your hair. It helps to tame flyaway and split ends, reducing the appearance of frizz. For extra smooth hair and a flake free scalp, make coconut oil a part of your daily hair care routine.

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Grape Seed Oil: Best Value Natural Oil For Volume, And Styling

Grape seed oil adds the same value to our hair and skin as coconut oil. We like grapeseed oil, because it gives many of the same benefits of coconut oil without the higher price, and without the coconut scent. Believe it or not, some people don’t want to smell like coconuts! Grape seed oil is made for those ones. Grape Seed oil hydrates the skin, and the scalp reducing flakiness, and fighting dandruff. The moisturization benefit to the scalp actually promotes the growth of new hair. If your hair is often unruly, frizzy, dry, or damaged, grape seed oil may be just the perfect solution. In addition to the moisturizing and strengthening benefits, grapeseed oil just may be your new favorite styling product. As grapeseed oil is a lightweight oil, you can use it to create all sorts of styles without the undesired greasiness and weight of other heavier oils. This can help to give volume to thick heavy hair, or a  give a visual boost to flat falling hair.

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Avocado Oil: Best Oil For Nourishing Damaged Frizzy Hair

You might know that avocados are known as a superfood for their dietary nutritional benefits. They are absolutely packed with essential nutrients and healthy fatty acids. The avocado oil is full of the Vitamins E, D, B6, and A that your hair needs for strength. Plus it has potassium, amino acids, and lecithin for an extra dose of strengthening benefits. Oil extracted from avocados is packed full both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. This type of lipid generally remains in hair for longer time, so you can enjoy the smoothing and shining benefits of avocado oils throughout the day into the evening. If you have frizzy hair that doesn’t respond well to humidity, you will want to make sure to use avocado oil or avocado infused products as part of your daily styling routine. This is the best oil for smoothing flyaway and breakage.

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Rosemary Essential Oil: Best Natural Oil For Thinning and Aging Hair

Rosemary is a power herb used in cooking, aromatherapy, holistic healing practices, and many hair care products for thinning hair. You will most likely wish to dilute a small amount of rosemary oil in another scent free oil, such as extra virgin olive oil. The scent of rosemary is so strong that it is not recommended to use pure rosemary oil. This oil cleans very well, removing much of the small particles of dirt that can be trapped in thinning hair.

Nature seems to have provided all things you need, even for your hair. If you are concerned about how to care best for your hair, try these products from mother nature. Make sure you understand your hair condition, then your work now is to use and enjoy the result.

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