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“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

Vlog │Happy Saturday

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When Saturday and Sunday rolls around, I am typically as dead as a doormat while laying around the house all day shielding myself from the sun. However, I am human and like most other humans I have to run errands to sustain life. I utilize most Saturdays to restock my cabinets and fridge with somewhat healthy eats if I have time to meal plan. I also use my Saturdays as a time to bond with my husband, because we have opposite schedules. He usually works at night and I usually work in the day, so we don't see each other often.

Though we have different schedule we still try to make use of the time we do have together so if that means we have to grocery shop together then so be it! I secretly love grocery shopping with him because he pushes the cart and that's one thing I hate doing in the store, don't ask me why!
If your're interested to see what we did last Saturday feel free to hit play below!

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