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Satin Doll Company Giveaway

Saturday, April 8, 2017

That’s right it is time for another giveaway sponsored by Gaetana from Satin Doll. If you are a long-time follower of Nearly Hair then this name should sound familiar as she was featured before on our business spotlight. I had the pleasure of interviewing Gaetana a few years ago, and to this day her business is thriving!! If you want to learn more about this lovely lady be sure to check out our interview right here

Satin Doll biz is Gaetana’s handcrafted Jewelry and accessory store where she careful envisions earthy, trendy designs and then puts her hands to work. Her pieces are so unique and easy to pair. I absolutely fell in love with Satin Biz when they were able to craft me a personal birthday piece. I loved her work so much that I ordered a few more custom pieces from her that represented my home country! The pieces came out amazing and I keep them in my Jewelry box for special occasions. You can check out the video from around five years ago below.

For my readers, Gaetana has provided you all with a Mystery Grab bag of Jewelry Goodies. Her grab bag usually retails for $25 for three surprise piece but you can have it for FREE today. Gaetana was also kind enough to provide me with my own surprise bag but because I already have the package, of course my surprise was not a surprise. To see the pieces I received, take a gander at the pictures below.

So how do you get our own mystery grab bag package?

It’s simple just enter the giveaway!
Here are the Rules:
1>   Follow My Instagram page
2>   Like my giveaway Photo
3>   Share the giveaway photo and tag me!

For additional entries you can visit my channel and comment on any video as well with the word “giveaway” here.

For more creative pieces please check out her Etsy store or site. She has great head wraps and accessories to brighten up any outfit. For a discount on her pieces be sure to use the code: CIA20 at checkout for 20% OFF
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