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5.99 Fashion Blue Choker Dress: Picture Nearly Perfect

Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Monday again my Nearly Perfect Peeps. I have a week and a half until I leave for Canada and quite honestly I am pumped! Over the weekend I did some preparing for the trip by shopping with one of my great friends! We found some bad(aka good) outfits for only 10 bucks! Yes 10 bucks. I will post about this new store discovery later on in the week.

I believe I am most excited for the trip because I get to dress up and look like I am someone's child, because most times I'm in sweats and a baggy shirt.

Yesterday, I had the chance to try on some of the clothes sent to me for review! And ohhhwee did these pieces make me feel Fab! 5.99 fashion brings out the treasure hunter in you. As I stated in my last post, with 5.99 Fashion things sell out fast, so you have to snatch the cute looks while you can. The latest craze has been choker dresses and and choker necklaces. A choker attachment sometimes omits the need for a necklace. I however chose to incorporate Satin Doll Co. Jewelry  for my necklace and bracelet in my look. I have paired the dress with black heels and a blue (generic name brand) bag to complement my dress from you guessed it, 599 Fashion. If you have not stopped by 599 Fashion yet, I am telling you, that you are missing out on sweet deals!! Take a trip on over there now to see what kind of discounts they have. Please remember everything is under 10 bucks! Use the code: FW418 for 20% off your first order!

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