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Skin Care Update: 4 Months Post Retinol

Friday, May 26, 2017

The battle for clear skin has been a battle fought with great tenacity and has built great candor in this war. Suffice to say, I have made great progress!!

If you are not sure what my current regimen is, please be sure to take a peek here.

What did I do?
For the most part, my skin is transforming to a butterfly, as my dead skin sheds. At first I was not too happy about the Retinol peeling my skin as if I was inherently born a reptile, however now, I understand that it serves a genuine purpose.

I can't disregard the fact that my eating habits have had a huge role in this transformation either. Ever since I have been trying to stick to an increase in green foods, my skin has been a little more radient as well! I will have an update on my daily food intake to provide you with a snapshot of what life may look like for me with this new "lifestyle change" foodwise.

Olehenriksen has also been super helpful the past month as I have been using their oily skin program and that probably has something to do with my glow!

Is your skin 100% clear?
Not in the least bit. In fact I am getting new cystic like acne postulates on my chin, which I will be tracking as I am not sure if they are forming due to a reaction to makeup or something I am consuming.

BUT buttercups, I can actually count how many friends I have on my face which is a HUGE improvement.

I will be back in three weeks with another update on my skin. Until then, keep shinning!

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