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5 Secrets Natural Hair Gurus WON'T Share

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


We all have that one natural hair guru we stalk on Instagram or YouTube, and we are downright proud to be a part of their notification gang. But do we really know what it took for them to achieve such social media fame? Did they really become influencers over night or was there some kind of secret we weren't told? Here are 5 things you did not know about being a natural hair influencer.

1. ALL natural hair influencers have hands in hair syndrome

It is impossible to be an influencer and not have our hands in our hair all day. We are constantly trying new styles to put on our snap chat or Instagram stories. And truth be told we have an image to upkeep. God forbid we go a week and not share a new style or post a new method to make lives easier. Hands in hair syndrome is not the greatest syndrome to have because constant manipulation of your hair can sometimes slow growth. But for our fans, it is worth the risk.

2. Consistency is key because Natural hair influencers are entertainers

That’s right, this here is a major key alert! You cannot be an influencer with a great following and expect people to follow you if you aren’t consistent. Think about it. We know every Sunday at 10pm we need stop our lives, sit on our couches and tune in for Power on HBO. Just like the television world, the only way to maintain viewers, followers, friends ectara is to consistently upload and keep your audience entertained. This does not necessarily mean you must post a picture the same time every day, however keeping a constant schedule does help maintain the consistency. If you are a YouTube channel, you also may want to stick to a specific day or time so your viewers can return to your page knowing there is a new treat for them.

3. Natural Hair Influencers are indeed product junkies

We don’t want to consider ourselves hoarders because by all means we do not do these things intentionally. We do however become product junkies because we must be abreast of the newest eco styler gel or natural hair product line. We often get products sent to us for free in exchange for an honest review which also adds to the collection. But who would say no to free products? I sure didn’t!

4. We enjoy protective styles, we get frustrated too

As much as we love creating new styles for our followers and fans, we absolutely enjoy having the extra time on our hands to just relax. Doing our hair is time consuming and acts as a second job. Being able to just get up and go in the morning without unbraiding or bobby pinning makes life feel like a vacation.

5. Natural hair influencers appreciate inspiration

Believe it or not, everyone is inspired by someone. And even though some influencer may have millions of followers, there is certainly someone else who we have looked up to and have been inspired by. It doesn’t necessarily have to be another influencer, it could be just another lovely natural hair beauty that has encapsulated our phone screens. Nonetheless, inspiration is what helps build our content which in turns builds our status!

What other secrets do you know about Natural hair gurus? Share in the comment below!
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