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Sex and Four other Behaviors That Count as Self Care

Friday, August 4, 2017

We hear it countless times throughout the work day, and sometimes even try to catch ourselves before we fall into that deep hole called stress. But do we really know what it means to de-stress and practice self care?  Or what do you do when counting to ten doesn't work and your fist is nearly squared up with your coworker's jaw?

I have outlined 5 self care activities you can engage in to destress. Some of these are probably even behaviors you never considered.

1. Engage in Intimate Sex

Sex is said to be a natural stress reliever! Believe it or not when we engage in intimate relations we release a chemical called Oxytocin.  Oxytocin helps to release endorphins and as you know endorphins helps us to feel excitement and increases our moods. Without endorphins we would feel depressed all of the time and stressed. So before you go calling people nymphos, which is so highly negatively connotated, think of these happy friends as "Joy Seekers" (it's the therapist in me that endorse these positive reframes!)
*Disclaimer, It is my personal view that sex should remain wholesome, I do not endorse sexual promiscuity, and I do still believe in intimate relationships, and those intimate relationships that are shared between married couples. If you don't like my views you can hit the red button in the top right corner. If you don't mind my views keep reading!

2. A Casual Shot here, a Glass of Wine there

Often times, people view drinking as a negative activity. Little do they know, drinking also releases
endorphins, and if you remember from above, endorphins are the happy chemicals that you release that make you feel good! This self care activity gets tricky though, because there is a fine line between a casual sip and intoxication. If you have had a hard days at work and can't seem to shake the stress, why not reach for the Pinot Noir or the Cup Cake Chardonnay you have laying around.
Again, I do not endorse alcohol abuse and if you are currently recovering from a past addiction please do not put yourself in harms way for a relapse.

3. Be a Couch Potato

"Self care is about tending to your own needs. Not society's needs, and not your best friend's needs.  "
Most slogans lately have some type of physical aspect attached to them ie, "Just do it" "Get up and move". Though exercise is one of the number one activities to engage in when you are undergoing stress, sometimes we don't want to be active, and giving into laziness is just what you need to unwind. Watch that funny storytime on Youtube or even catch up on the latest episode of Power! Whatever it takes to fulfill that desire for mindlessness, DO IT! Self care is about tending to your own needs. Not society's needs, and not your best friend's needs.

4. Boy Bye/ Girl Bye

The inability to let go of people may be our biggest enemy in society. But sometimes a simple "Boy BYE" may be sufficient in de-stressing. We can't please everyone and we sometimes carry the weight of the world on our shoulders with hopes to feel commended in the end. But NEWS FLASH! We aren't superheros, and that assignment your supervisor drops on your desk at 4:45pm when you are scheduled to leave a 5pm deserves a middle finger!


5. Splurg

Yea yea yea..."millennials are spoiled....millennials don't know the value of money....millennials, who gives a FUDGE?" If you have a little pocket change and those news Jays are calling your name, Buy it! Why? Because you are practicing self-care, and spending money on yourself for a change is all the love you need. You work pretty darn hard 5 days a week, so why not buy something that will flaunt your hard work. Though that new Prada bag isn't even 1/2 of what you're worth, you will still feel good wearing it!

What unconventional self-care habits do you have? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Great article! I believe self care is very important. I try to be a couch potato now and then and watch tv. Taking a break from the magazine is definitely a stress reliever.


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