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Tales From the Kinks: Ericka Edition

Friday, August 25, 2017

It's Friday and I am finally back to featuring my lovely curled up fearless ladies! This week's feature is a friend I have spoken highly about in my past posts. To check out my first mention of Ericka and my self care post take a peek here.

Now let's meet Ericka!...

My name is Ericka, I am from Hamden, CT not far from New Haven. I love all things that pertain to God, family, self care, fashion, spoken word, music and mental health/wellbeing. In my free time I can be found writing and reading. In my not-so-free time I can be found mothering two little brown boys, and working as a pediatric nurse.

When and why did you decide to get rid of the creamy crack if you did?

I've never had a relaxer, but my hair was heat trained the majority of my life.

What was your support system like after you made your decision to go natural?

After I big chopped I relied heavily on YouTube for guidance. I didn't really know what I was doing. So inspirations like @simplyounique were a huge help in the beginning of my journey.

It is true that we are not our hair, or anyone else's, but do you have any natural hair crushes?

Ohhhh yes I do! Right now my hair crush is MiniMarley and Mahoganycurls.

What are your inspirations in life and inspiration for your hair?

My life inspirations revolve around Christ and his walk and ministry. His views of the world and the
social issues that he faced in his times are very encouraging for where I am in my life. My hair inspirations come from a variety of YouTube channels, and celebrities.

When you are going through your daily regimen what products do you reach for first and why?

Agua! I neeeeeeeed water. If my hair is not soaking wet it's an automatic failure. After I wet my hair I use Cantu or Creme of Nature leave in conditioner, then creme of nature's twirling custard, followed by jojoba oil or black castor oil.

What is your go to style in the winter and the summer?

During the winter I love buns, twists, and tuck and pin styles. I'm the summer I love wash n gos (More like wash n waits ) and Marley twists.

What is the most important thing you have learned on your natural hair journey?

The most important thing I've learned is self-pacing. Everything grows in its own timing.

What does it feel like owning your own business/blog with many other people owning larger business companies/blogs? Is it intimidating?

It's very exciting and also very challenging. I have to be honest, I never thought anyone would read my blog. So when I see views, I'm blown away. But it has also opened my eyes to how large of and industry blogging is. It can be intimidating but it helps me work on what I have and strive for better.

What has been one of your biggest obstacles so far in your career and how did you face it?

One of the biggest obstacles I've faced is censorship. I feel like I don't allow my creative mind to flow because of fear of what people may say. I'm still working on that.

What keeps you motivated (pertaining to balancing your life and your company/blog)?

Prayer and family time.

How would you describe your signature style and has it helped influence your designs?

I would say my style of writing is transparent. I aim to be honest and keep the emotions of my writing as authentic as possible. I believe this helps both myself and my readers tremendously.

Where do you see your business/blog in the next five years?

I would love to see myself working for a health magazine, particularly their mental health column.

Where can we find you on the net?

Any advice for your fellow natural hair folks?

Be you, and don't apologize for it. Encourage yourself. Be your own hair goal. Be your own inspiration. In all things, love yourself. Every hurt, every accomplishment, every victory, every pain, every length check has a root. Explore your roots and anticipate growth.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Ericka. After reading this you have no choice but to love her as much as I do! For your chance to be featured shoot an email to

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