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The Secret to Losing Over 20 pounds FAST: Nearly Perfect Weight Loss

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weight gain and weight loss can be one of the most vulnerable topics to engage in with others if you currently struggle with self-image. According to WorldOmeter (, there are approximately 2 billion people who are considered overweight in addition to the approximately 9 million people who pay for weight loss programs nationwide. Of course, the determinant of being overweight is highly contingent upon on a person’s BMI constructed by the World Health Organization. Nonetheless, I have become overly disgusted with the amount of money spent on weight loss programs that don’t seem to work. Where does the cycle stop?

After all of the facts, you are probably still wondering what the secret to weight loss is, considering my rant on the reliability of weight loss programs.


What the number one secret to weightloss?


Yup that is correct! Friends are the number one secret to weight loss. Now let me explain why.

The Fitness Journey....

Back in January 2017, I was in a strong hibernation mode, and refused to leave my comfort zone despite my negative self-image UNTIL one day one of my friends on Instagram posted a photo of the infamous squat challenge. Of course every girl wants a thicker lower half, so it motivated me to engage in the challenge. If you know me, when I see a good challenge I love to share, so I forcible included my friends to join.
Though we all completed the challenge I still wasn’t thrilled about my thirty day thicker thighs, and still needed a little something extra. 

Little did I know that the very same squat Challenge would become a catalyst to my journey to fitness.

Prior to My January challenge, in November of 2016, Syreeta, a very long time standing friend of mine, encouraged me to buy a FitBit due to it’s effectiveness with helping her lose weight, and of course there was a sale at Nordstrom’s. So I scooped up the Fitbit for a really low price with every intention on utilizing my life tracker. Unfortunately, I didn’t use the device until the end of March, and noticed that it became the micromanaging supervisor of my life. To learn more about that experience be sure to check my article 9 Lessons Learned from my FitBit.

So it is now March 2017 and I have gained all of these Fitbit friends because of Syreeta’s push for me to purchase the watch, and I am really engaging in the challenges to get my steps in. As mentioned previously I love to share a good challenge therefore I shared the joys of having a Fitbit with my friend Whitney, who then later started wearing her Fitbit. Our joint goal was to feel better and to look great while wearing a swimsuit in the mall. Most of you probably had to reread that sentence because it didn’t make any sense to you. But trust me it makes sense! Whitney also had a wedding to look great for so she was very adamant about making fitness her lifestyle!

Both of my friends Syreeta and Whitney introduced me to various fitness apps and social media pages that increased our abilities to keep the hope of fit bodies alive! Conjointly and subconsciously my friends joined me on this fitness journey without evening knowing.

I’m still a little confused about the number one secret to weight loss......

Without the motivation, whether it be direct or indirect, I would still be 20 pounds heavier and view myself as “less than”. These two ladies helped me to gain hope, and allowed me to join other similar health interest groups online. I believe the main component missing from ineffective weight loss plans are genuine motivational and accountability partners. Both Whitney and Syreeta helped me to change my mindset because they too had similar mindsets. Fitness became my outlet and daily bread!

Surround yourself with likeminded people. Sure, you’ll have friends who will always say, "hey let's go grab some pizza, or let's get that 4 for 4 deal at Wendy's," and you will want to grab that deal because rewarding yourself is great! But everyone will need that one person to remind them of their goals and help to push past the temptation.

As a result of my friend’s help, I was able to curb my appetite and change my eating habits. Of course I love French fries but it is not the first thing I reach for anymore! I much rather have my delicious Ideal shape Shake, and feel less guilty than to have my French fries that will later go to my hips!

What's the bottom line:

Unlike the highly regimented programs to weight loss that stress counting calories and exercising, building lasting friendships and accountability partners are the TRUE specific driving forces!

I can honestly say that motivation from my friends was the number one secret in losing 20 pounds fast. I had
numerous attempts before that included fancy devices and weight loss plans which all ended in failed attempts. I am not discounting those techniques because they all serve a purpose, but I strongly believe change occurred this time because of the community I built! 
→My friends were there to remind me that the cookie dough milkshake would only be a temporary fix.
→ My friends were there to help offer me alternative meal ideas. 
→My friends were there to tell me about the cool new apps to help on my weight loss journey!
→My friends were present to share awesome cheat meals that sometimes turned into weeks but then united to pull our big girl panties on to get back on track.

Some additional devices that helped me on the journey:
Keaira Lashae Fitness Dance Workouts 

For additional motivation be sure to check out my friends' Instagram pages:
Syreeta: @Syrenity_
Whitney: @Inlovewhit_

Whether you have created a network on your cool Fitbit app, or reconnected with college friends to share a common weight loss goal, these relationships are vital to reaching your goals! So what are you waiting for? Who are you going to ask to help you lose 20 pounds fast?

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