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Rihanna Fenty Foundation for Oily Skin!: Nearly Perfect Skin

Monday, September 11, 2017

I’m usually not on anyone’s bandwagon because my coins are too precious to me, but hunny….this bandwagon was one worth trying to hop. If you haven’t seen the news already via Facebook, Instagram or Youtube… then I’ll tell you now. Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty dropped a makeup line on Friday not just on her website but in the Sephora stores.

I will say that dropping the line in Sephora was the smartest move Miss Ri Ri could have possibly done because her sales will surely surpass the 10 million dollar deal she made to Launch the Brand. Though this is great news for Sephora to increase traffic, it’s AWFUL news for my pockets.

Here’s the timeline:
6:40pm – On the phone with my friend talking about my plans for the night

6:45pm- I open the email from Sephora stating that the Fenty Line live at Sephora

6:47pm- I tell my friend the infamous line “I’ll call you back.”

7:10pm- In my car

7:30pm- In the Sephora Stores and the Fenty Display

While I was in Sephora, I couldn’t help but gasp at the Fenty Display for its attractive feel. Surprisingly, the store wasn’t packed and I was able to receive assistance fairly quickly.

My initial plan was to stop in the store and get a sample of some of the products in her line but of course the plan did not work out that way. While I was mesmerized at the display I realized that my girl Robyn has 40 shades of foundation for all undertones. Yes, 40 shades! I am shooketh.

Not only that, but Rihanna also took it upon herself to drop a FULL BLOWN line of highlighters, blotting papers, concealers/match stix and the list goes on.

This being the absolute first personal beauty line she has ever done, it really amazes me with it’s thoughtfully planned product lineups.

As I stated previously my intentions were to save all my pennies in the store but I walked out with the foundation in full size. I was tempting to purchase the highly acclaimed highlighters but I did have self-control in that area.

Nonetheless, I am super pleased with the foundation! As you all know I am a ridiculously oily girl. And though the foundation doesn’t claim to be mattifying all day, it did have great lasting power and kept me matte longer than some of the other foundations I have tried. The ultimate best part is that it’s only $34.

Before you give the side eye, let me recap on some of the foundations and makeup lines that have recently released.

Kim Kardashian West Palettes priced at $52

DiorSkin Forever Foundation Priced at $50

And now Rihanna gives....

Fenty Beauty Foundation priced at $34

Don’t you dare complain!

To see how the pro long wear filter Fenty Beauty foundation in the color 400 held up watch my video below!

What will you be getting from the Fenty Beauty Line?
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