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Afros & Artisans: Anita Edition

Friday, November 17, 2017

It's friday again, and that means it's time for this weeks Friday feature! This young lady has truly been an inspiration to me on instagram. Her intelligence and poise is compelling and I just had to share her with you all. It always excites me when I find other natural hair beauties on the interwebs doing amazing things. Enough of my jabbering, 

Let's meet Anita! 

Hi there, my name is Anita Ginigeme

I'm actually African-American, born in Georgia, Atlanta, though currently based in Nigeria. I hail from Anambra State, Nigeria.

My blog and interests are linked as my blog was borne out of my interests: beauty as a whole including natural hair.
I've grown to embrace the essence of natural beauty in all its glory.

Getting rid of the 'creamy crack' wasn't a straight forward decision. Growing up in a strict home, a number of wrong doings led you to finding yourself beneath the barber's clipper.
Henceforth, I decided to tread the natural path and discover what it had in store for me - I knew that returning natural would be a page turner for me, and it was! This was in 2009, when natural hair appreciation wasn't what it is in this present day.

I wouldn't say I had a support system because there wasn't much rave about natural hair at that time like there is now. I would see ladies flaunting long, natural hair and just knew that someday and somehow I'd get to my desired length. 
I didn't know what to do to my hair as I kept jumping from protective style to the next!
While in my low-cut stage though, I hid my hair under scarves and caps to avoid questions like, "Oh my! Why did you cut your hair?" When I discovered threading and the wonders it did for my hair, I got a better understanding of my hair and then the compliments started rolling in.

Although my mum kept saying one thing I've held unto all these years, "You've got good hair, just like your mother and your grandmother." You know what, it turned out to be true!

Everyone has their goals and an idea of what they want their hair to look like - So do I. Some natural hairlistas that inspire me are Cisca Omoja (@ciscakinks on Instagram) and Adebanjo Tomiwa (@adebanjotomiwa on Instagram). Most importantly, my hair inspires me to be better to it each and everyday.

Oh no sister! I don't joke with my leave-in and here's why: It triples for me as a detangler, moisturiser and leave-in all in one! You better believe it because it's true. I'm talking about the Aunt Jackie's Instant Detangling Therapy. I've been hooked for months on end.
Of course it's one thing getting that moisture in there, and another getting it to stay. So to keep that yummy substance locked into my strands, I opt for Grade A Organic Shea Butter.
Unlike some naturalistas, I don't pour oil all over the entirety of my hair. Rather, I use it lightly for "sheen" and of course good 'ol "hot oil treatment."

It took 7 years -no joke- but I can proudly stand tall and proclaim how much I love my hair and every individual strand it constitutes of. I've stopped longing for other textures and envying others with laid edges - the headaches I was left with after tying those edges down with scarves to get that Eco Styler working was enough to discourage me. Most importantly I've learned to be artistic and authentic, thanks to my hair.

Now let me get very real with you, it is quite intimidating - especially in the beginning - but the important thing is that this space belongs to you. It's yours to do as you please, to dispense information, to make your thoughts heard and voice your own opinions. Allow me to tell you a little story...
Before I owned a blog I was a contributor to a well known beauty blog (@beautygeekng on Instagram). I wrote my first pice and it felt amazing beyond expression. I took a little break which turned into months (a mistake on my part) and when I came back, it took the editor -in- chief almost a month to review and criticize my next piece. Upon correction, I still hadn't heard from her. I took that disappointment and channeled it into starting my own blog,and I did launch it with a bang baby!
So, yes, it might be intimidating, but never underestimate the power of consistency because it puts you out there, it gets you noticed, it separates you from invisibility and then the growth becomes noticeable.

"No man is an island," said a wise man once. He was indeed wise because if a man was an island, where would he derive inspiration from? Again, who would he inspire? We need to surround ourselves with people bearing a certain kind of energy we wish to attract.
I have a circle of friends and acquaintances who inspire me everyday with the great things they do and the big dreams they have. Seeing the people around you thrive will make you want to strive.
Most importantly, thinking of how bright my future is, I'm inspired by my dreams each and everyday to do whatever it'll take to get me closer.

Apart from blogging and blogging, I do own a business - I retail hair care products at the best,
unimaginable bargains. Alongside that, I create hair regimens tailored towards a person's specific hair needs and goals. I also promote hair care brands and so I'm a brand influencer as well.
The biggest challenge initially was creating awareness and getting customers. I had the best prices and naturally, I assumed I'd get a flock of followers and sell out in no time. It wasn't that easy. First off, if you arent humbled, you need to be - this will show in your tone during a conversation.You also have develop a spirit a communication which will come in handy in customer service - no man is an island; it takes two to make a transaction. Another thing is engagement - e.g. you're scrolling through Instagram and you see a comment whereby someone is asking where they can get a certain product they probably saw in a tutorial or in a review; Lo and behold! You have it in stock. Quickly engage that customer not only informing them of the product in stock, but convincing them why it would be in their best interest to shop with you. Apart from social media, never be too shy to approach whosoever you seem a potential client face - to - face. It's your career and since you wish to succeed, you can't sit pretty waiting on the flick of a wand to do the job for you.
Last thing is consistency - you have to keep at it and keep giving your audience something tangible. Give them knowledge worth value alongside advertising products of value, and they're bound to be glued.
All these are bound to pay off eventually.

Now and then, people come up to me and they go, " You're Anita? I love what you do. You're doing such a good job. Keep it up. I'm so proud of you."
The first time this happened I was dumb struck because I felt I wasn't even making the impact I desired, but guess what, I was impacting some people without even knowing. This is what gets me filming those tutorials and creating those interactive and catchy content you all love.

My Signature hairstyle is my signature faux bun (tutorial on my Instagram @nitarrh)
As for writing style, I try to get as personal as I can with the reader and try to connect with different chracters (readers) in one piece. After giving my view on a certain concept or product, I list other possibe views that at least varying readers can relate to. In the end, there's something for everybody.

I'm already making waves by God's Grace and I see myself (and blog included ) making bigger waves in the years to come. I've come from being nominated as one of Nigeria's Top Bloggers to being recognised as a one-of-a-kind influencer. Grace is evident in all my works.

I'm everyehere hunnay!

Instagram | @nitarrh
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Snapchat | nitarrh
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I know, I understand. You don't want to dive into a space that seems saturated but you have to believe that you can stand out and you will succeed darling! You are unlike any other. So what are you waiting on? Own that blog! Disperse that information!

I have learned so much but it would seem that I have learned the most in this my 8th year since returning natural.
I've learned :
• To tweak whatever new knowledge I gain to suit 'MY HAIR' .
• To be content with my hair and accept it is as good hair.
• To nurture my hair as good as I want it to be and that it shall be!
• Most of all, my hair journey has made me into an ARTISTIC and AUTHENTIC WOMAN who is ASSERTIVE about her hair.

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  1. Hi there. My name is Dee and I'm a lifestyle and advice blogger over at and I wanted to inform you that you've been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award 2017!! Congratulations 🙂🙂

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